Newness kia stonic

Suv remain in the trend, but they become smaller – in any case, partly. Kia motors is convinced that in europe the sale of b-segment suv to 2020 will override the c-suv and then attract more than any tenth new to the smaller segment. With the b-segment crossover stonic aims at the autumn of this year in this area, in which models such as renault kadjar or audi q2 are already sold.

Kia’s new city gardening cars are self-confident colorful and thanks to the secondary paint in 20 different color combinations. The colors plays into the interior, which the customer can shape in a certain frame according to his taste. The infotainment system with the interfaces apple carplay and android auto is part of the standard equipment.

Four engines are available for the drive. The 1.6 liter coarse self-cord makes 110 hp and is supposed to begin with 4.2 liters to 100 kilometers. The three gasoline engines have 84, 99 and 120 hp. The strongest of them with one liter has the smallest capacity and with 5.0 liters to 100 kilometers also the lowest standard consumption. The 1.2 liter coarse four-cylinder with 84 hp gasoline generates according to nefz 5.2 liters, the 1.4 liter coarse 99 hp engine 5.5. Is switched manually in all four engine variants and the force is always forwarded to the front preview.

Again “super mario bros.”-video game for record total auction

Again'super mario bros.'-videospiel fur rekordsumme versteigert'super mario bros.'-videospiel fur rekordsumme versteigert

An original packed "super mario bros."-computer game from 1985 is a record in the usa for a record amount of 660.000 us dollars (about 561.000 euro) has been auctioned. This is a world record for a video game in auction, the auktionshaus heritage auctions announced on friday (local time) in texan dallas.

Located in drawer for 36 years

Heritage had a comparable game last july for the then record amount of 114.000 us dollars auctioned. A copy of part 3 of the same game series was auctioned a few months later even for a more high amount. The japanese company nintendo had the now world-famous video game "super mario bros." 1985 launched.

The auctioned on friday nintendo classics had been in extremely good condition, heritage said. The video game was bought in 1985 as a christmas present and then disappeared in a drawer for 36 years. "It was all the time down in my burel desk," said the game owner who wanted to stay anonymous, according to communication. Only this year he was back to it.

Test of the “working definition of anti-semitism”. Result: poor

Test the'arbeitsdefinition antisemitismus'. Ergebnis: mangelhaft

The international holocaust remembrance alliance’s (ihra) foundational paper is simply an intellectual – and therefore moral – imposition

Since 2005, the discourse on anti-semitism has been dominated by the so-called "brave new stoned world" "working definition of anti-semitism" around. After its adoption by the conference of the ihra (international holocaust remembrance alliance) in 2016, this definition proposal became virtually the business basis of the entire public anti-semitism debate in the 33 member states of this alliance, which includes almost all western states – and thus the most important conceptual instrument in the political struggle against any kind of "unjustified" criticism of israel’s current policy regarding palestine.

In germany, the anti-bds resolution passed by the bundestag on may 17. May 2019 as the most important stage victory in this struggle so far; in simple application of said working definition, the resolution blankly marks this movement as a "anti-semitic". This decision was understood by some anti-semitism officials and city councils as a seal of approval for their own political correctness and was accordingly emphatically buried. Even if some courts still see it somewhat differently, such as the lower saxony higher administrative court.



Ingolstadt / berlin, 22. April 2015 – synthetic fuels from electricity, water and co2 can be one of the finals for a climate-neutral and ol-imports independent mobilitat. A pilot plant in dresden has now launched the production of so-called "e-diesel" from co2, water and energy from renewable sources. According to with initiator audi, this fuel is suitable for the admixture to fossil diesel fuel, but can also be used as the sole fuel.

With the first funf liters from this production, the federal minister for education and research, johanna wanka, has relatiently refueled its company car. "If we succeed in using co2 as a raw material, we make a decisive contribution to climate protection and resource efficiency and pave the way to a" green economy, "says wanka.

Ptl: electrical energy in flow fuel

The new plant demanded by the federal ministry is operated by the dresden energy technology company sunfire. It works according to the so-called "power to liquid" principle (ptl) and uses okostrom to produce a liquid energy carrier. As raw materials, it only requires water and carbon dioxide. Currently the co2 used comes from a biogas plant. For this purpose, it should be obtained additionally from the ambient air.

Child slaves in greece

Unscrupulous human traffickers kidnap children from albania to greece. The as "traffic light children" slaves slave all day as beggars, flower sellers or car cleaners for their masters.

Especially the older girls are also forced into prostitution. Until late at night they sell flowers, handkerchiefs or lighters to the guests in the taverns. They ask you for the change that the ticket machine in the metro spits out. They stand at the crossroads and wipe the headlights of your car. They are too small to clean the windshield as well.

For more than 15 years there have been strab children in greece and yet no one knows exactly how many there are. There is no agency that collects information about the children picked up on the streets and compares, for example, by means of photographs, how many of them are brought back into the country under a different name after being expelled. However, one thing is now known for certain: it is primarily the albanian mafia that steals children from albania or takes them from desperate parents "buys" and brings them to greece. There the children have to work for their new masters. Who, of course, is attached to the "owners" to be ceded "daily earnings" of a begging child is up to 150 euros, from underage girls forced into prostitution or children abused as drug mules, even more can be extracted (new economy: child trafficking).

“A bunch of lawless and godless rambos”

Private military and security companies have become a profitable industry in the u.S

Many of the images from iraq will remain in the public’s memory. In addition to the shocking photos from the military prison abu ghureib (sadistic concentration camp games), this certainly includes the silenced corpses of fallujah (triumph of cruelty) or the footage sent by iraqi rebels of the execution of american citizens such as the engineer paul johnson. In both cases, the victims were employees of u.S. Defense contractors, so-called "private military companies" (pmcs), which operate as contractors for the pentagon or the u.S. Department of defense in crisis areas around the globe. Johnson worked as an engineer for lockheed martin, the dead of fallujah accompanied a food convoy of the us army on behalf of blackwater security consulting (the global economy of soldier troops).

When a small reconnaissance plane was shot down in the jungles of the southern colombian province of caqueta by the marxist guerrillas farc (fuerzas armadoas revolucionarias de colombia) in february 2003, there were no television pictures, magazine articles or press conferences. Two of the inmates were killed in an ensuing firefight, and three survivors were captured and abducted. Until today marc gonsalves, keith stansell and thomas howe are still in the hands of the rebels. They, too, are u.S. Burgers, and they, too, worked for one of the u.S.’s roughest security companies, northrop grumman. In an unsuccessful rescue operation, three more americans were killed a short time later when their plane hit a tree under heavy fire. According to a report by the u.S. Department of defense, another has now been added to the qualification requirements of contractors for colombia: jungle survival training.