Asus rog swift pg32uqx: mini led monitor with camera winder furs gaming

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UQX: Mini LED Monitor with Camera Winder FURS GAMING

Asus has presented the first own for player mini-led monitor. The rog swift pg32uqx is related to the proart pa32ucx-k, but is in 144 instead of 60 images per second and lights up with 1400 cd / m² in the top a bit brighter.

The ips panel displays 3840 × 2160 pixels (ultra hd) and has a respective response time of four milliseconds (gtg). The mini leds are located just behind the panel and can be controlled in 1152 zones – promising for a already hdr image. Coarse flat the display lights up permanently with 500 cd / m². The contrast is ips-typical at 1000: 1.

Thanks to quantum dot coating and 10-bit processing per color channel (1.07 billion colors), the rog swift pg32uqx covers the dci-p3 color space almost completely. Asus promises a factory pre-calibration with a delta-e color deviation of a maximum of 2.

Nvidia g-sync

Unlike the proat models, the rog swift pg32uqx does not control adaptive sync (amd freesync), but g-sync over a hardware module of nvidia. Asus stresses that this is the latest execution. In fact, it seems to have given a smaller update, because the monitor can with the displayport-1.4 compression technology display stream compression (dsc) 1.2!.

Thus, the image is hardly compressed to be visibly visible to display ultra hd with 144 hertz, 10 bits and full color scanning. Early displays the g-sync-ultimate class could not. Dsc 1.2 dominate geforce graphics cards from the rtx 2000 series and amds radeon’s 5000 series. With g-sync geforce gpus dynamically give the image repeat rate to the monitor.

Asus rog swift pg32uqx

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UQX: Mini LED Monitor with Camera Winder FURS GAMING

Camera wind and oled second screen

Two functions are taking care of: on the one hand, at the top of the rog swift pg32uqx is a 1/4 inch thread for attaching a tripod head. So can be a webcam, but also attach a coarse camera to the monitor. On the other hand, a small oled display is located on the underside, which indicates, for example, the cpu temperature.

Asus calls for the rog swift pg32uqx 3500 euro. The delivery should begin at the end of june 2021. Other mini led monitors cost between a good 2200 and more than 5000 euros – all with a maximum of 60 hertz.

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