“Brave new stoned world”

Usa: cannabis use is now legal in washington state

In the american state of washington, what has been demanded in germany for decades, but which no federal government, not even with the participation of the greens, has yet dared to allow, is now permitted: the consumption of cannabis for pleasure, as well as the possession and purchase of certain quantities. In the next step, the sale of umts licenses will also be allowed in washington. To this end, a sales tax is to be levied that is expected to bring in $500 million for the tight public purse.

It is possible that yesterday and this morning some people were working a little bit tired, because on thursday night in seattle, the largest city in washington state, the new law was celebrated. An exceptional situation, as the seattle police stated, because the use of marijuana in public remains prohibited.

Consumers will initially be granted a period of leniency as far as public consumption is concerned, according to a public service announcement from the seattle police department, "to help in the spirit of the initiative in this "brave, new, and maybe kinda stoned world like live in" to accustom. The regulations are not yet completely clear, they are waiting for concrete instructions from the authorities in order to know at what point public consumption will be punished and how. Until then, the police would give a verbal warning if someone smoked cannabis in public. The public burger information on this is loosely worded:

But the police is the catch that you are now allowed under the protection of the law of the land in their private rooms properly spread, order a few pizzas and amuse themselves with a lord of rings marathon.

Previously, the seattle district attorney had threatened that public marijuana smoking was punishable by a $100 fine.

Possession of up to one ounce, 28.5 grams, of cannabis is not punishable; cookies or similar goods containing cannabis may be had with impunity in quantities up to 450 grams, and liquids containing cannabis up to 2.4 kilograms in weight.

It will be some time before the next stage, the iance of sales licenses. They also want to see how the state copes with the first stage first. As there are contradictions to us federal law, which still criminalizes the use and possession of so-called soft drugs, it cannot be ruled out that there will be interesting court proceedings.

For example, there are court rulings according to which an employer can dismiss employees if they have consumed cannabis in their free time; to what extent the new legislation in washington state and also in colorado with amendment 64 represents a new legal situation here is still an open question.

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