Instead of #metoo: for more indecency between women and men

Instead of #metoo: for more indecency between women and men

La proposition (1872), william-adolphe bouguereau (1825-1905) / public domain

France: 100 women, including catherine deneuve and catherine millet, defend the freedom to be intrusive

Of course, the weinstein affair has led to very similar debates in france as well. #balancetonporc is the counterpart to #metoo and the ublen experiences that women describe under this keyword are not much different from those of american or german women.

Bis: “debt trap can only be prevented by an orderly deleveraging process”

Biz:'schuldenfalle kann nur durch einen geordneten schuldenabbau verhindert werden'

Graphic: bis annual report 2014

The world in the financial cycle: brazil, china, india, switzerland and turkey most at risk

The current annual report of the "bank for international settlements" once again proves to be an astonishing and probably the best "official" source on the world’s financial interception (the bis is owned by the rough central banks and is considered the "central bank of central banks"). And even though the bis has been exercising the noble restraint common in central banking circles, its rather harsh criticism of its annual report has once again made headlines.

Nosferatu in hong kong

Life in times of sars – a year ago, hong kong celebrated the victory over the lung disease, but its political and economic consequences are still being felt today

In the west, sars was hastily stylized as the new plague of the century. In hong kong, the outbreak site of the disease, the health problems were quickly under control. Doch sars hat politik und kultur des stadtstaats nachhaltig verandert. A heated, nervous mood characterizes the climate of the city, especially about its political fate there are again heated arguments.

Nosferatu in hongkong

The mask as protection became the uniform during the epidemic

Pain and lye

Torture can be this clean: the semantic woolly work in the torture memos from the bush-ara

They are rather bizarre documents, which are now openly accessible on the homepage of the american civil liberties union – by order of the new president: the until then secret memos of the bush administration on the torture of prisoners "high value"-terrorists. The four memos provide detailed insight into the state of "clean" torture technology at the beginning of the 21st century. The chinese government’s strategy for the twenty-first century and its mix of methods. They show the technocratic euphemization of pain and the semantic whale work of the flexible cynics in the u.S. Department of justice during the time of george w. Bush and vice cheney.

Es geht in den papieren um die juristische rechtfertigung von foltermethoden. The recipient of the memos was john a. Rizzo, who graduated magna cum laude from george washington law school and serves as head of the "legal bureaus" the cia, the office of general counsel acted as a. Office advising the chief and staff of the agency in legal matters.

Green genetic engineering: full speed ahead?

The governing coalition allows controversial genetically modified corn and wants to demand the cultivation of genetically modified plants in other areas as well

The new government has been in office for less than a hundred days, and already genetic engineering advocates have reason to rejoice. Under consumer protection minister horst seehofer, the first three varieties of genetically modified corn were recently approved for unrestricted commercial cultivation. In addition, the "preferential treatment" of organic farming is to be reduced and liability rules for the cultivation of genetically modified plants (gm plants) are to be relaxed. The minister’s latest statements are a source of joy for the agricultural industry and genetic engineering multinationals. Representatives of organic farming, consumers and environmental protection groups are upset.

With red-green’s departure, there is an upswing in the agro-genetic engineering ie. The coalition agreement already struck a conciliatory note towards genetic engineering producers, users and researchers. Die grune gentechnik solle verantwortlich genutzt und gefordert werden:

Habermas generation

Habermas generation

Image: wolfram huke/ cc by-sa 3.0

The world spirit of starnberg: no other thinker has influenced the federal republic of germany like jurgen habermas

Jurgen habermas turned 90 last week – he is the theorist against fear, the philosopher of civilization after barbarism and the intellectual, political conscience of the federal republic of germany.

Trialed: gps receptionist for rebrouxes for canon dslr cameras

Tried canon’s gps receiver gp-e2 (from 236,89 €) on a two-week trip through canada. He occupies the camera’s hot shoe and was ready for use in a few seconds. So we were not forced to permanently turn it on during a hike. But whoever does this, do not have to worry about our experience: in our practice test, the mignonzelle considered a week for a week – which translates more than 30 hours.

Trialed: GPS receptionist for rebrouxes for Canon DSLR cameras

The compact gps receiver is plugged into the hot shoe of a canon-compatible eos camera and ensures that the gps coordinates are written to the exif matadata of the image files. To set the gp-e2 is not necessarily the supplied program map utility of notes. The basic functions can also be adjusted via the camera name.

Exif metadata

With active gp-e2, it writes camera the gps coordinates into the respective image file or in their exif metadata. Thus, each photo automatically contains the geoinformation and thanks to the built-in compass also the photographing direction. This is practical because in this way the subsequent adjustment of a track recorded with a gps tracker remotes. This saves one operation.

Ford shows kuga with individual package in paris

Ford shows kuga with individual package in paris

Paris (france), 5. October 2008 – those who find the standard look of their ford fiesta, galaxy, mondeo or s-max too ode will find a remedy in the manufacturer’s individual program. In the first half of next year, ford also plans to launch a corresponding offer for the kuga. How an individualized compact suv could look, the kolner show at the paris motor show (4. To 19. October 2008).

Other colors and materials

Inside, there are new colors and higher-quality materials. Two particularly fine leather qualities are used for the seats. Particularly soft nappa in the color ebony adorns the strongly contoured seat surfaces and backrests. An individual logo is embossed on the latter. The seat sides are more strongly contoured than in the standard model and are covered with a grained leather. Light quilted stitching provides additional contrast. Matching the white paint of the paris study, the center console trim and the boomerang-shaped door handles are finished in glossy white.

Optional body kit

Another special feature of the kuga individual on display in paris is a distinctive body kit. This modifies the upper radiator grille. The lower air vent with its chrome-plated inserts also sets the individual model apart from the standard version. In addition, there are flared wheel arch extensions painted in body color, modified side skirts and a redesigned front apron, which has been extended downward by five centimeters. The front and rear underride guards are also set correspondingly lower. Like the tower panels, they are painted in a contrasting silver tone and include the exhaust pipes at the rear. Other striking features include the rear spoiler, which is extended by a good ten centimeters, and 20-inch aluminum wheels with a special spoke surface. Tires of dimension 255 are fitted.

New york photographer cornelia wilhelm: “i love everyone i photographed.”

Cornelia wilhelm, born in 1965 in lucerne, worked for her teaching to the photo labant as a photo assistant in new york. She lives and works today as an artist and photographer in forest in switzerland with her husband, the artist andre wilhelm. Dr. Thomas hafen met her for lakes.By to interview:

How did you get the idea of making a book from your pictures of coney island – almost 30 years after the photos have arisen?

Cornelia wilhelm: i wanted to bring the book forever, but life always came in between. Meanwhile, i find it really great that it took so long. So not just a photo book was created, but a time document.

Pastranas war

After the breakdown of talks with the eln, the pastrana government sets the war machine in motion

Those who have believed the u.S. Government’s declarations so far are "plan colombia" the government, which believes that the farc is fighting drugs and not the opposition, has been disabused of this notion in recent weeks. A little more than a year after the u.S. Congress approved $1 billion in military aid, colombia is well on its way to open civil war. Since the government of conservative president andres pastrana took office on 7 december, the. After pastranas declared an end to talks with the eln guerrillas on august 8, the colombian army launched an offensive throughout the country in which, according to army sources, several hundred people were killed. Not only eln-controlled areas in departments such as bolivar and arauca, but also regions under the influence of the farc guerrillas, who are still negotiating with the government, are attacked by elite units several thousand strong.

Vor drei jahren war der amtsantritt von prasident pastrana noch als auftakt eines neuen friedensprozesses gefeiert worden. The editor-in-chief of the "le monde diplomatique", ignacio ramonet, described pastrana in the summer of 1998 as a great hope for colombia, which had been ravaged by war for more than 50 years. In fact, immediately after taking power, the new president fulfilled several important conditions for the start of peace negotiations. For example, he left the farc guerrillas, who were considered to be close to the cp, a 40.The new president established a security zone of about 1,000 square kilometers in the south of the country, suspended arrest warrants for leading guerrilla commanders, and traveled to the area now controlled by the farc in january 1999 to kick off the talks.