Child slaves in greece

Unscrupulous human traffickers kidnap children from albania to greece. The as "traffic light children" slaves slave all day as beggars, flower sellers or car cleaners for their masters.

Especially the older girls are also forced into prostitution. Until late at night they sell flowers, handkerchiefs or lighters to the guests in the taverns. They ask you for the change that the ticket machine in the metro spits out. They stand at the crossroads and wipe the headlights of your car. They are too small to clean the windshield as well.

For more than 15 years there have been strab children in greece and yet no one knows exactly how many there are. There is no agency that collects information about the children picked up on the streets and compares, for example, by means of photographs, how many of them are brought back into the country under a different name after being expelled. However, one thing is now known for certain: it is primarily the albanian mafia that steals children from albania or takes them from desperate parents "buys" and brings them to greece. There the children have to work for their new masters. Who, of course, is attached to the "owners" to be ceded "daily earnings" of a begging child is up to 150 euros, from underage girls forced into prostitution or children abused as drug mules, even more can be extracted (new economy: child trafficking).

The policy of the greek state has so far been largely limited to deporting apprehended children and adolescents to their country of origin. Thus, the deportees usually ended up back in homes or in the families from which they had already been sold. For the mafia an easy game to get the children again. It was not until 2000 that the greek government passed a law prohibiting the deportation of children under the age of 12, at least until it was ensured that the children would end up in good hands. Those over the age of 12 have no protection from the vicious cycle of slavery, deportation and renewed slavery.

Hope for the children is offered above all by the work of a network of non-governmental organizations (ngos). How the foundation takes care of itself "the smile of the child" since the mid-1990s, there has been a concern for the care of the straben children. The foundation is a member of the european association "european federation for missing and sexually exploited children". Their spiritual father is a 10 year old boy. After the death of andreas giannopoulos from cancer, his father kostas giannopoulos decided to make the dream of the terminally ill child described in his son’s diary come true:

We all know and talk about some children from the street who lack laughter. They lack laughter because they don’t have money, they don’t have toys, they don’t have food, and some of them don’t even have parents. Think, stop talking, let’s get together and give to the poor whatever we can give: little albanian children, women and blacks, all are children and worth a smile. This foundation shall "the smile of the child" heiben. Come all together and let us help, we can do it.

The foundation now has 135 employees and cares for more than 150 children in 7 homes throughout greece. It is important for the president kostas giannopoulos to take care of the children. The free emergency number 1056 of "the laughter of the child" is known among the straben children. The staff at the telephone exchange and the street workers of the foundation speak the language of the children and try to find solutions together with them. No one is taken off the streets against their will. The fact that the foundation has had to turn away more than 250 children in recent years due to lack of space is particularly painful for kostas giannopoulos.

Through the tireless efforts of organizations such as "the laughter of the child" have slowly but steadily improved the situation for the children of the strays in greece. Even the police now sometimes call the 1056 and entrust the children to the social workers of the foundation, instead of arresting the children as they used to do.

Unfortunately, the ie has recently come to the public’s attention due to a development that can no longer be surpassed in its unscrupulousness. Although there is no evidence that can be used in court, suspicions are growing that some of the stolen and bought children are killed and their organs sold (the trade in human spare parts). Research of the greek daily newspaper "eleftherotypia" according to reports, in at least two cities in albania, fier and durres (dyrrhachion), there are private clinics where children are killed and their organs sold. In durres, for example, a doctor not affiliated with the clinic is said to have performed regular operations, flown in from abroad and received at the airport of the albanian capital by well-known figures from the circle of albanian rulers. However, an investigation conducted last year by the european union under the leadership of chris paten did not yield any results.

A solution is now being worked on at the highest political level. On 15. In june, the secretary of state in the greek ministry of economy euripidis stylianidis met with the albanian minister of economy angjeli anastas. In mid-july, a congress with the participation of governmental and non-governmental organizations will be held in the albanian capital tirana. The aim of the congress is to develop methods and measures to combat the robbery, exploitation, abuse and maltreatment of minors, better known as part of the "albanian national socialism" "human trafficking".

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