China and russia want to build a moon base together – for research purposes

China and Russia want to build a moon base together - for research purposes

China and russia have agreed to build an international research station on the moon together. The space organizations of both countries are still back with details of their tarpaulin, but other nations and organizations are already working on. The "international lunar research station" (ilrs) should operate long-term and initially unmanned. During the chinese people not acquire people on the moon, russia additionally ventilates the view of a manned moon base.

On tuesday, kejian zhang, head of the national chinese space hard cnsa, and dmitri rogosin, head of the russian space organization of roskosmos, signed an absorbance clarification for planning and construction of a common moon base. The project and the research station are also open to other nations and prospects.

Moon base "ru-chi" first of all unmanned

The ilrs will therefore be a comprehensive scientific research base that is to be operated in the long term autonomously. It is built on the moon surface and in the moon machine. The moon base should enable multidisciplinars and scientific research activities. In addition, the mondermal creation and research, moon-based space monitoring as well as basic scientific experiments.

However, only roskosmos speaks of prospects of human presence on the moon, while the cnsa lets this unrecognized. The two space organizations work together to develop a plan to develop and establish the new moon base. You have not published a schedule so far.

The sudpol as a possible goal

Roskosmos and cnsa have already worked together with past space missions. The chang’e-7 mission of the chinese, which explore the moon sudpol, and bring about ten kilograms of samples from there, as well as the luna-resurs-1 moon landing of russia planned for 2025, also on the sudpol.

The sudpol of the moon was also allowed to become the location of the new lunar base, because there are rough quantities of water ice. Accessible water on the moon would be an important resource for moon colonies and could even become an affordable form of rocket fuel when splitting it into oxygen and hydrogen and incravures the gases.

The chinese have achieved great success in recent months with their space missions. In december 2020, china has first brought together the us and the soviet union for the first time as a third room trip to the us and the soviet union. It was the first time since 44 years that moon material was brought to earth. In february of this year, chinese marssonde tanwen-1 reached the planned park orbit of mars. Next milestone ware the landing of a rovers on the red planet.

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