Cinema picture wall: lg starts with 14 meters versions

Cinema picture wall: LG starts with 14 meters versions

In marz 2018, in zurich the first cinema room with an led wall instead of projection opened – this was at the same time the first installation of this kind worldwide for playing 3d films. The used by samsung, 10.3 meters wide and 5.4 meters high cinema led screen, which the manufacturer is artistic under the brand name "onyx cinema led" expelling.

In december of the same year, the 14 meter wide version celebrated in a hall of the cinema "capital cinema" in beijing world premiere, which offers like the smaller version a resolution of 4k (4096 x 2160 pixels). After that, it was always speculated again which company was entering the market as a next.

Now the cat is out of the sack: lg also offers art a corresponding cinema canvas – and now gave details of the "lad033f" mention "lg led cinema"-model known. Accordingly, the company starts with the 14-meter variant, which will also offer a 4k resolution.

Cinema picture wall: LG starts with 14 meters versions

The led images are made of exchangeable box (“cabinets”), which in turn contain several modules.

As with samsung, the lg image wall consists of individual modules (so-called “cabinets”) that can be shared individually. A seamless installation and a highly pricise calibration can actually create the impression of a solid black wall with the usual seat distance. At the lg image wall 176 cabinets (22 x 8) are used.

Technical specifications

The technical data of the two slogans acknowledge herself. So both speak of a full brightness of at least 48 cd / m2, which corresponds to 2d cinema projectors. But the images can always reach 300 to 500 cd / m2 as a maximum – and thus allow for example to operate when the room light is switched on. Differences are only available at the specified horizontal and vertical viewing angle: during samsung speaks here of 160 degrees, is at lg of 120 degrees the speech. In contrast ratio, lg speaks of at least 4000: 1.

At concerts and fairs led images are already in use for a long time. Even samsung does not claim to be invented the basic technique. It is important that the samsung and lg screens have received the official certification according to the “digital cinema initiative” specification (dci). Without this, they were getting lost for cinema operators, as the pre-guidance of the high-digital rights management make the playback chain completely closed.

Cinema picture wall: LG starts with 14 meters versions

A cabinet of the new lg image wall. The resolution amounts here 192 × 270 pixels.

For cinema operators, it is very interesting that lg is a service life of 100.000 hours guaranteed until the leds only deliver half of their original brightness. This corresponds to an operation of 16 hours a day of a lifetime of 17 years.


A rethinking requires the image of the sound. In the projection, the front channels are just simply reflected on speakers, which are behind an acoustically transparent canvas. The picture wall is not permanently enough.

Samsung got help with the subsidiary harman. Their audio specialists placed a set of subwoofers and the screen speaker for the middle and high over the screens speaker at the end. To bring the impression to the viewer, the tone come from the picture here too, one reached for psychoacoustic tricks. On the other handed on the forefround surround boxes mounted additional speakers throw the tones of the front channels in the direction of the picture wall that reflects them in the auditorium. Instead of the picture you are projecting the sound.

Lg in turn gives you to have found a solution with led cinema together with dolby, which even the 3d sound format dolby atmos can be measured in conjunction with the picture wall.

A prize for its cinema picture wall, lg has not yet called. Also samsung is very covered at this point.

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