Comment: bye-bye m-system

The german traditional manufacturer leica once was considered innovative and technically leading to the camerabau, but that’s a long time ago. At least since the 1960s, the japanese leica had stopped mercilessly. Technical innovations were – when convinced decades after the competition. With the leica sl everything will now be different. The sl is a modern camera and that is almost revolutionary for leica ratios.

How to tick the watches as soon as you can see on the m system. The m-system came first three years (!) after the importation of the time authority to the enjoyment of the same. The sputnikschock of the camera industry had completely cropped the product portfolios of all coarse manufacturers in a short time. But not at leica, there was the topic of autofocus snacked. In the m-system you are still focused by hand. After all, with the m-system, you had made the leap into the digital age, the r system is just about it.

Other achievements of the modern age were fermented in ranged, because one shied away from fundamental changes. Zoom lenses and optical mescher, that’s hard together. Instead, are retained with ulcious constructs such as a three-stage fixed focal length. Over an electronic commander, one could at least adapt a zoom from the set r system. That too is certainly no elegant solution. Not even for a handle it has reached, even the must be bolted to threater.

In this traditional tranquility, the leica sl is now crouched like a donnerhall. The sl has everything the m is missing. You do not need to talk about a quick autofocus today. The is self-sharpening at the sl, as well as 4k video. Leica even promises the fastest autofocus of all professional cameras – including mirror reflex cameras. If that’s true, you will see. The leica t was rather slowly traveling.

A whole armada of seals protects in the sl camera and lenses in the axle use. The m-system is only the body sealed, bayonet and lenses are not. The new sl lenses cover the practice-relevant focal length range of 24 to 280 millimeters reasonably. So far, a 135er was the long telephoto lens in the m-system. Out of the showcase, pure in the photo vergigen, that’s the new motto.

At last leica has a temporary camera that you can send in good conscience against the mirrorless of sony into the battle. If the sl only halfway, what promises you, then you will make the dusty m-system and the associated zoo obscurer extensions in short the gardue.

The exciting question is now: how will the leica fans be caught up with the new pace in wetzlar?

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