Dutch car toll erzurnt motorists

The 5 million euros expensive toll project in the netherlands, where the car tax is to be replaced by a kilometer allowance, is rejected by the motorists of the konigreich. The one can spy on and refer to the gps-based on board unit (obu) as "spionagekastje", the other stals in the dramatic provisions in dealing with the technology.

The introduction of the driving route in the netherlands is accompanied by framework conditions that provide for displeasure. According to a report of the telegraaf, the car toll comes with a number of laws that set the toll survey under special protection: does not report a vehicle owner within 8 hours that its obu is broken up to 18.500 euros punishment downy. If he tries to manipulate obu, he can with 74.000 euro fine or four years of prison expect. If an obu is reported as defective, the holder has to worry about ensuring that the obu is repaired within three weeks, otherwise the car is to be shut down. If a complete exchange is fally, the costs should go to the load of the holder: only the first obu is installed for free.

Against the dramatic provisions of the innovation project other than mobility, especially the automotive associations as the anwb. They see the vehicle owner criminalized, whose obu gives up the spirit, which he has not caused, such as a general storage of automotive electrics. In addition, the combining doubt the targeted goal of the climate improvement and dustfalls. Over, the toll was too expensive, as kilometer calculators were prove.

Data protections have also registered concerns. They call the obu as "spionagekastje": in the dutch project, unavailable kilometers from the odometer are considered, but the kilometers calculated by evaluating the local coordinates. Proofs that the stored local coordinates can not be used for other purposes, the startups of the new system are not removed.

The advocates of the system refer to the absolute purpose commitment and on the fact that the state privacy protection is your o. K. Have given. On the other hand, the dutch critics drove the example of the german truck toll in which the implementation regime of the toll survey was questioned relatively quickly. So privacy, lawyers and traffic scientists had on the 44. Transportation day 2006 (pdf file) a resolution adopted, according to which the use of the usage of stored toll data for persecution and defense of heavy crimes is to be exceptionally.

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