Environment minister: restoration on manufacturing costs

Parts of the cost of the recess of the exhaust hardware of aging diesel cars in the opinion of the federal environmental agency boss maria krautzberger (spd) are not flooded on the motorists. In the rheinische post the head of the authority turned today (8. August 2018) therefore against proposals to split expenditure on one third to diesel owners, state and manufacturers.

This had stimulated the schleswig-holstein transport minister bernd buchholz (fdp). "From the point of view of the federal environmental agency, the polluter pays principle," emphasized krautzberger. "And the costs for this should also be carried by the vehicle manufacturers, as they are responsible for the damage occurred."

Buchholz had the german press agency said he see "no basis for action for the restoration solely to build the auto industry". According to his opinion, a third of the costs on car owners, federal and economy can be mediated. After all, the owners of euro-4 or euro-5 diesel bought their vehicles in knowledge of the high nitrogen oxide values. "And they were significantly increasing the value of their vehicles through the restoration."

According to krautzberger, the steps agreed on the diesel summit in august 2017 do not reach sufficiently. Above all, the concentration of respiratory gifts nitrogen dioxide (no2) remain a problem if the macers are disclosed on software updates of the engine control and jerk-out age diesel: "this means for highly loaded city, for example koln or dusseldorf, that the limit also does not can be maintained."In 2017, the analysis of the measurement data of the federal environmental agency had shown partly exceeded limits for air pollutants in 65 german cities – especially strong in munchen, stuttgart and koln. Much of it comes from diesel exhaust gases.

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