Eu competition huter approve fitbit turmoil by google

EU Competition Huter Approve Fitbit Turmoil By Google

The competition herd of the eu commission have approved the planned suppure of the fitness specialist fitbit by the online giant google. However, the approval of the merger is subject to the condition that google considers self-commitments to avoid distortions of competition, as the brussels authority communicated on thursday. Thus, the company may not use input-generated data to optimize its advertisement and must give users the possibility to ban the use of data for services such as google maps and youtube.

Warning of privacy

The competition helpers had intensively examined in recent months whether the suppuzz has had a negative impact on the market for online advertising. "If google continues to expand its data advantage in the personalization of advertisements that it is placed on its search engine and on other websites, it became more difficult for competitors to keep google’s online advertising controls", strolled it from the eu commission. This created for competitor barriers for market access and obstacles for expansion – which ultimately charges of advertisers and website operators, which had to pay at high prices and had less choice. However, the obligations required to ensure free competition, it is now called.

Google announced tarpaulin at the beginning of november of the past year to take over fitbit for a good two billion dollars. It bothered that data of the fitness specialist should not be used for personalized advertising. Already at the beginning of the year, european data protections warn, however, another accumulation of user information in the hand of a coarse tech company is a risk for protection of privacy. Further opponents outside the summer.

Fitbit was a pioneer in the business with fitness wrigers, the steps and spent calories pay. However, this business has meanwhile rolled up from two directions: apple is very successful with his computer watch apple watch, which also has various fitness features – and in simple wrigers dominate favorable devices from china mainly from xiaomi.

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