Fault as a model: a robot for slow tasks

Fault as a model: a robot for slow tasks

As little movement as possible – the idea of slothbot does not fit at all "higher faster further", the otherwise in robot development is valid. Instead, the robot is indeed in the ropes and moves only if it is necessary. In the botanical garden of atlanta he wakes up animals and plants in the coming months and should make a contribution to environmental protection.

Under a hull from 3d-printed parts, sensors that record the temperature, the co2 content in the air as well as further data. Two solar modules supply the robot with voltage. An important aspect of research is also the movement on the steel cables. Dc motors propagate the slothbot with his godders, while a mechanism of two toothigrants and two servos allows manovring over branched ropes.

Slothbot: robot for the slow tasks

Fault as a model: a robot for slow tasks

the slothbot is just under 90 centimeters long.

In the botanical garden, the robot should now be particularly interested in children’s connection of the environment and technology, so prof. Magnus egerstedt von der georgia tech, who has launched the project. Inspired, a visit to costa rica, where he saw sloths crawling in search of food about the wire of a vineyard. Even in robotics, slowness must be implemented as a design principle.

Now the slothbot should not move so much, but only if he needed sunlight to charge his batteries. The less he moves, the less energy is finally charged. Thus, the slothbot and similar creatures in the future could be used in nature conservation and take on long-lasting distance monitoring. During the robot on the ground slightly stuck or fail on obstacles, the attachment of the slothbot to the ropes also helps to simplify the operation.

Egmanstedt and his team had presented a smaller prototype a year ago and tested on the landing of the georgia tech with a cable network. The new slothbot in the sloth facility will now perform its service in the next few months in the botanical garden. In addition, for example, he could be used on a cocoa plantation on costa rica and overwaken sloths.

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