Ford and volkswagen to cooperate

Ford and volkswagen to cooperate

Volkswagen to collaborate with ford on development of commercial vehicles and other businesses. The groups confirmed on tuesday (19. June 2018) after u.S. Stock market close to explore possibilities of a strategic alliance. Volkswagen’s supervisory board had agreed to the deal, according to dpa-information, had already given its consent to talks with ford on monday.

The companies announced they would explore possible projects in a number of business areas. "Market and customer requirements are changing at a rapid pace," said volkswagen’s head of group strategy, thomas sedran. Both companies already have strong and complementary competencies in various commercial vehicle areas.

Volkswagen and ford made it clear that no reciprocal shareholdings were planned in the possible partnership. "We look forward to working with the volkswagen team to explore opportunities for collaboration to respond to changing needs of commercial vehicle customers and identify further synergy opportunities," ford manager jim farley told.

Volkswagen commercial vehicles already have experience working with other manufacturers. For years, volkswagen had had its crafter coarse transporter built by rival daimler. The model was largely identical in construction with the mercedes sprinter. In 2013, however, in competition with its competitor from stuttgart, volkswagen decided to produce its own crafter model, which is now built in poland. The cooperation expired later in 2016.

A cooperation with ford could also focus on individual models. A cooperation with vw crafter, transporter and caddy on the one hand, and ford transit, tourneo and sortimo on the other hand would be conceivable. The main goal of a cooperation would be to save costs in development and production. This is also taking place against the background of increasing regulatory prere. New eu regulations are presenting van manufacturers in europe with major challenges: from 2020, they will be subject to stricter limits on co2 emissions. If manufacturers exceed this value on average for the models they sell, they will have to pay a penalty.

In the volkswagen group, each of the individual brands is said to have to meet these requirements for itself. For van models, however, it is difficult to comply with the limits simply because of the weight and the higher air resistance, so that fines are difficult to avoid. The impending costs will therefore have to be saved elsewhere. Volkswagen and ford plan to discuss the progress and details of their planned cooperation during the talks.

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