Ford shows suv concept with four-cylinder engine in detroit

Ford shows suv concept with four-cylinder engine in detroit

Detroit, 8. January 2008 – in the united states, where old-fashioned suvs with ladder frames and coarse, thirsty v8 engines are still among the top sellers, fuel-saving measures that have long been commonplace in europe are still a minor revolution: with the explorer america, ford is daring to "downsize." the suv study, which will be presented at the north american international auto show (naias, 19. Until 27. January), comes with four cylinders and just two liters of displacement.

Modest nature boy

The ford men are rebelling against the dogma that nothing can replace displacement and are banning old-fashioned v8 fuel guzzlers from the suv of the future. Instead, they rely on modern four- and six-cylinder engines with direct injection and turbochargers. According to ford, a modern v6 weighs 70 kilograms less than an old-school v8. Thanks to crisp performance data, the new engines are supposed to offer more driving power than the current units, but at the same time burn up to 30 percent less fuel. Ford dares to use a four-cylinder engine with just two liters of displacement as the entry-level engine for the explorer study. The engine, which is tiny by u.S. Standards, is expected to produce 275 hp. Additional savings potential is promised by lightweight body and suspension components.

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A glance at the interior, with its seemingly floating, chocolate-brown leather seats, makes it clear that the explorer america is a purebred study of the future. A digital instrument panel, stubby levers for the automatic transmission and a giftgrune 3d multifunction display underscore the futuristic character of the american suv. Clever details such as sliding rear doors, individual seats that can be moved at the touch of a button and a work table integrated into the tailgate round off ford’s concept for the future.

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