Ford to lay off thousands of employees in europe

Due to poor business in europe, automaker ford is reorganizing and plans to cut thousands of jobs in the process. Of the approximately 50.000 jobs will be lost "a considerable number," ford’s european chief steven armstrong said thursday (10. January 2019) in koln, germany. Meanwhile, cooperation talks between volkswagen and ford are progressing well.

In germany, ford employs about 24,000.000 people, the majority of them in koln. The manager did not want to say how many workers will be lost in the city. He said that talks were still being held with the employees on the individual sites. Details are to be finalized by mid-2019 at the latest.

At the end of 2018, ford had already announced the closure of a small transmission plant in bordeaux, france, as well as cuts to its plant in saarlouis, germany. For years, the van c-max, among other vehicles, was manufactured at the second-roughest german site; this production is to be discontinued in august 2019. Reason: decreased demand for vans. Around 6000 people work at the plant. One of three shifts to be eliminated. In general, ford europe wants to "streamline" its passenger car range and expand its business with commercial vehicles and import models.

Although no concrete figure has yet been set for koln, the plant, which currently employs around 18,000 people, could also be affected.000 employees. Armstrong made it clear: "the cuts will be made in all business areas."The cuts are to be made on the basis of social agreements, for example through part-time work for older employees or severance payments.

In the uk, two sites are to be merged. If the fronts between london and brussels remain hardened, the carmaker’s cuts in the united kingdom will be deeper than previously thought. "If we get the wrong result and have a hard brexit, then you should expect the consequences to be significantly more dramatic than what we’re thinking about now," armstrong said.

Ford has long had a hard time in europe, with the u.S. Company’s subsidiary in the red. 2018 was also a loss year, armstrong said. He did not give concrete business figures, but stressed: "it is important that we make significant progress in 2019."The goal is to return to profitability, he said.

Meanwhile, cooperation talks between volkswagen and ford are progressing well, according to dpa has learned from well-informed circles. So the pickup amarok could become one of the first joint projects. Already in december it was said that there was a basic agreement on the construction of vans. Officially volkswagen did not comment on this.

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