Formula 1: arger after the world championship decision

He did it: nico rosberg beat his teammate lewis hamilton in the final race of the 2016 formula 1 season to become world champion for the first time. He won nine of 21 races and was incredibly relieved at the finish line. In sunday’s race, a third place had been enough. Rosberg has his teammate to thank for the fact that things got incredibly exciting again in the final laps. He made no friends in the team with his tactics.

After the dethroned formula 1 champion’s ego drive in the closing stages of the season finale in abu dhabi, motorsport boss toto wolff did not rule out consequences for the briton, who ignored instructions from the pits. "Anarchy doesn’t work in any team or company," the austrian warned. "It’s about finding a solution how to prevent something like this from happening in the future." promptly, british media such as the daily express"hamilton is threatened with expulsion."This seems relatively unlikely, as the briton is considered one of the fastest of the current drivers.

Hamilton wanted to exhaust all possibilities in the final to crown his world championship chase after all. To do so, he slowed down the pace in front in order to entangle his pursuer nico rosberg in further fights for positions with sebastian vettel and max verstappen. Ware the german mercedes driver only fourth, hamilton had yet to turn the corner. "We have seen the race win in jeopardy. For three years we have been subordinating everything to the race win," wolff rounded on his arger, as vettel really turned up the heat on the final laps. "I didn’t expect that, it was maybe a bit naive," rosberg said of hamilton’s tactics. "You can understand the team side, but you can also understand lewis because it’s about the world championship."

First, the brit ignored an announcement from his race engineer peter bonnington to step on the gas again. Then he also did not follow the instruction of technical director paddy lowe. Wolff described this intervention from the pits as the "highest level of escalation" that exists in the formula 1 team for such cases. "I’m losing the world championship right now, i don’t care if i win or lose this race," one of hamilton’s radio messages read.

"We need to talk to lewis, we need to know what’s going on," recommended team supervisor niki lauda. Wolff admonished himself to be level-headed. "I have to make up my mind now," said the austrian, who showed understanding for his bitterly disappointed pilot. "Maybe you can’t ask a racing driver who is one of the best, if not the best, to follow instructions in such a situation where his instincts prevent him from doing so," wolff opined. "Mercedes is considering disciplinary action, which could mean a fine or even suspension," wrote the guardian on monday (28.November 2016). The times found, "hamilton fell out of love with abu dhabi without decency."

The abu dhabi rift is nothing new. In hungary 2014, the briton relied on blockade tactics when he refused to let the german, who was driving on a different strategy, pass despite repeated requests from the pits. "I didn’t do anything dangerous, so i didn’t do anything unfair," hamilton defended himself now. "We were fighting for the world championship, i was in the lead, i was setting the pace. These are the rules." however, mercedes wants to determine the code of conduct. "Maybe we want to give them even more freedom, or we decide to take the harder side because the values are not respected," explained wolff, who has so far always loved his drivers to race freely against each other.

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