Google wants to bring free av1 codec in more video services

Google wants to bring free AV1 codec in more video services

The alliance for open media (aomedia) has published a film from a present station on twitter, which shows that google plans the use of av1 in other services. Aomedia is responsible for the development of the video codec. He should now move into the video conferencing service meet, in google photos and the games streaming service stadia.

Google itself has initiated the development with and has been the well-balanced court of av1 for years. Accordingly, the method for video compression for youtube, chrome and google duo is already available, also firefox can handle av1. Netflix has just housed him in his android app and plans use on all platforms. At the same time, youtube also relies on the google’s own process vp9, which in turn has not been supported by apple so far, which is currently being changed.

The now planned advanced use of av1 requires still improvement in real-time encoding. The demands on the video quality of services such as meet and stadia are high than many other service. In august, aomedia had explained to have founded a group who calls software implementation working group (siwg) and has the focus to promote the standard svt-av1 developed by intel and netflix to bring it to more video platforms. On the slide shown at twitter, it only means that av1 for the services mentioned there "available soon" is – the work still runs.

Patent rights provide forks and alliance

Google had deported the development of the license-free codec to go out of the way existing patents from other solutions. Among others, netflix, amazon, facebook, apple, mozilla, amd and arm are also represented in the alliance for open media. Plan was also here that av1 content can first play well by software decoder, before appropriate hardware is available.

Alternative codecs like mpeg-4 alias h.264 and the successor h.265 of the association moving picture experts group (mpeg) are still licensed, which leads to patent disputes. Because of the use of the video codec h.264 and unpaid licenses briefly broke it that lenovo is no longer allowed to offer its products in germany – the higher regional court of munchen continued the sales stop, as long as the appeal is running.

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