Hyundai veloster: prototype of the korean runabout

Hyundai veloster: prototype of the korean runabout

Hair, 31. May 2010 – whether i20, i30 or ix35: hyundai’s current models are a sight to behold. Only the sports segment is a little lacking; the hyundai coupe was discontinued in august 2009. Here, two new vehicles will step into the breach at once: the powerful genesis coupe and, further down the range, a nippy two-seater called the veloster. The model name does not follow the familiar nomenclature in order to make the vehicle stand out from the crowd. The name has nothing to do with a bicycle or a paternoster: velo is short for velocity, the second half is taken from the word roadster, according to hyundai.

Roadster with a chic look

The snapped prototype shows that the veloster is intended to appeal to young customers with its eye-catching paintwork. In addition, there is a sleek design, which is largely based on the study of the same name shown in 2007. The high rear end with very flat windscreen is already visible. This is divided by a fixed spoiler to improve visibility to the rear, as known for example from the citroen c4 or the honda cr-z. A visually distinctive center console and instruments stuck in tubes enhance the cockpit.

Market launch in early 2011

Technically, the veloster is based on the platform of the i30, from which it also borrows its engines. The 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 109 hp is conceivable as an entry-level unit, while a gasoline engine with 143 hp and a 140 hp diesel engine mark the performance peak. The veloster will make its debut at the paris motor show in autumn 2010, and the 2+2-seater will be launched on the market in early 2011. Then the base model could be launched for under 18.000 euros: a competitor model like the scirocco can’t compete with it, at least not in terms of price.

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