Licking copy

Licking copy

Stuttgart, 23. Marz 2016 – find a luck in the current suv offer, does not seem to be so easy. Small and rough models are plentiful, land rover just tries it with a convertible, renault also contains the espace recently suv genes. If there is no new licking, you try it best with a copy. As in many areas, bmw has submitted in this case with the x4, now mercedes introduces a pretty similarly designed opponent with the glc coupe.

Known base

Of course, this niche product is not a completely new car, but is based on existing models. In this case, c-class and the glc based on it supply the basis. So the coupe remains only a formal approach to narrowed out something. For this he became a little flatter and a long than a glc. The fat butt goes to the concept and is probably so wanted by the clientele. The view backward was also allowed to be modest as in the smaller gla, which was not a success of a success and is probably not deterrent for most interested parties.

The wheel runs are provided with narrow plastic strips. Already the basic version gets 18-inch rims on the way, for a surcharge is up to now a maximum of 20 inches possible. Whether mercedes tuner permanently overlooks the field of even coarse raders will show himself. It is already clear that the tires pass through an ever lower edge of the steam work to other parts of the chassis. In order to provide at least in the approach of any suspension comfort, which once aimed for each model of the brand, the engineers have to operate a much coarse effort today. Serial mabig is a chassis with steel springs and adjustable steamers. Alternatively, there is a sports suspension and an air suspension system. In the glc costs 404 or. 2261 euro. We expect mercedes to demand a lot in the coupe. Presumably, only the expensive version will really be comfortable, which is intended by the makers quite as well. Finally, the coupe should not only settle the optical, but also in the driving dynamics from the "normal" glc.

The interior comes near one to one of the c-class. Again, there is still the freestanding screen, which is probably disposed of with the facelift of the c-class. For more important, we were considered an update of the infotainment system, because the attitude to the few points that have not convinced us in a test.

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