Mecklenburg-vorpommern: farewell to microsoft at short notice impossible

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Farewell to Microsoft at short notice impossible

Mecklenburg-vorpommern’s state government has responded to the request of the commissioner for the privacy heinz muller, to get away from microsoft products possible. "An ad hoc termination of the data intake was practically the shutdown of important and nationwide tools (insb. Microsoft solutions and operating systems) mean", allowed renate gundlach from the ministry of energy, infrastructure and digitization nur site. "The shutdown is therefore not possible at short notice, as the work ability of the state administration is acute danger of goods."

Muller had demanded on wednesday to use the state government should use open source products, "to preserve the data protection and also the digital sovereignty of the state government", since the coarse providers do not seem to move in the problem of drainage of personal data. The problem has been the problem since the judgment of the european court of justice to the privacy shield of july 2020. Microsoft did not want to be on the subject yet.

Alternative is undergraded

The state government will examine with the development of the standardized it workstation in the state administration (mv-pc) alternatives, allocated gundlach. In addition, you deal with schleswig-holstein and bremen, which currently pilot an open source it workstation. In addition, the state government see one "high political and legal action for action at european level". They support them aspirations at the federal and european level, "to agree for the privacy-shield agreement tilted by the european court of justice, alternatives with the us government".

Gundlach continues to explain, so far no alternative operating system has proven to be suitable for short or in the medium term the complex requirements of public administrations together with the numerous technical procedures flattened flat. Also, the transition from microsoft to another operating system for the entire state administration financially immensely improved. Since it is exciting to know what the state accounting yard or the federal government of the taxpayers were said to say gundlach.

"High effort, significant risk"

The employees of the state administration are familiar with the current system. A change was made in the opinion of the state government a very high organizational effort. Change was binding personnel resources that were urgently needed to digitize the administration and implement the online access law. "Experiments with alternative operating systems contribute significantly to the fact that parts of the administrative services are graded or completely prevented. Therefore, there can be no make-ready change", gundlach said.

As similar as in mecklenburg-vorpommern, it is in the gross majority of federal, state and municipal compositions. But it is all aware that a solution will be found long-term. The change to an alternative should ideally be coordinated between the federal stations, as they are far-reaching networked.

An important question is, according to gundlach, which service and which application on the work computer can not transfer data to the us and which services can be used alternatively. Further questions are: "how and in which time expiration can be prere on alternative tools? Which dependencies and what costs exist? How can the workability be ensured continuously?" the mv state government also dealt with these questions, in exchange with the federal government and other countries.

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