Mercedes cls shooting brake is built from 2012

Mercedes cls shooting brake is built from 2012

Sindelfingen, 8. November 2010 – from 2012, mercedes-benz begins with the series production of the cls shooting brake. The sporty combination variant of the cls is constructed in a course of course together with the cls and the e-class sedan in the werk sindelfingen. Thankfully, mercedes-benz supplies the explanation with this qualification, which it actually term with this ominoses "shooting brake" haunt.

On brakes and break

"Break" or the same "brake" i have called early in english certain wires. They were used to break the resistance of untimabilized horses (to break) and to brake their motion (to brake) so that they were used as a working hinge. Because wagons could be easily damaged, you did not use any who urgently needed for other purposes. At best, the breaks / brakes won with light, often variable superstructures, which, for example, served only for hunting necessary participation. Such a vehicle with which one drove to push (shooting) was called shooting brake or shooting break.

In the 1960s and 1970s, according to mercedes motorized shooting breaks popular – exclusive crossover vehicles, which combined the luxury and style of a coupe with extended space offering and variability. Among the most famous among them is the reliant scimitar gte and the volvo p1800 it.

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