Mercedes concept fascination in paris

Mercedes concept fascination in paris

Stuttgart, 11. September 2008 – after some abundantly daring designed such as citroens hypnos, with which the carmakers want to make the curiosity in the run-up to the paris motor show, this design has almost irritating effect. Concept fascination is called the surprise candy, the mercedes for the paris motor show (4. Until 19. October 2008) unpacked. The so realistic car has at least stylistically for future e-class generations. You may believe that a production vehicle from daimler could actually look so similar. Shooting brake is called this mixture of combi and coupe, in which finally summarizes, which is actually not gathering. An e-class as a threesorer was also allowed to be the special case in the future.

Sculpture from angles and arrows

The fascination attacks the modern sculpture design: turned flat, shaped edges and beads prag for the body. From the front to the rear, the for a dynamic appearance dominates state arrow shape. At the striking front, the rough star is only held by a cross-lamella, the classic four-eyed face of the e-class is reinterpreted by square headlights. Daimler promises led technology with a c-formed day-running light. On the side, the fascination is represented by the typical mercedes coupe element: the continuous window line without b-saule. All windows will be sinked so that a common rough opening is created. In interaction with the huge panoramic roof gets a lot of light into the cabin. The tailgate carries a pronounced folding in the middle, as we already know you from mercedes clc and cadillac bls wagon. Two square, bundy with the rear threshold to remove double end pipes dispose of the exhaust of the mercedes fascination.

Inside upper-earth

When designing the interior, the designers were allowed to let off steam a bit: wood, aluminum and smoke glass are the prevailing materials. Four single sports seats under nubuck leather cover group on the right and left of the aluminum center console pulled from the bug to the rear. The console is v-formigy forward and thus resumes the all-determining design theme again. The single seating in series is unlikely, finally mercedes has packed with this concept with the old r-class on his nose. The loading space of the proof lifestyle combination is well a square meter coarse and occupied with an extendable wooden plate. This is again protected with herbal aluminum strips from scratches.

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