Mercedes: new fuel cell bus

Mercedes: new fuel cell bus

Hamburg, 17. November 2009 – a dozen public transport companies on three continents already uses buses with fuel cell drive, even the hamburg highway pays. In the hanseatic city, mercedes presented his new, total third generation of such buses, from which ten stucco between alster and elbe will do their service from the coming year, it should be around 30 "citaro fuelcell hybrid"-be buses.

Water vapor instead of co2, nitric oxide and rub

The vehicle is based on the current, biaxial and about two meters long version of the city bus of daimler, the citaro solobus. This is usually driven by a six- or zwolfliter diesel over a four, funf or six-speed automatic and the rear axle. He then consumes round 50 liters diesel at 100 kilometers. While fossil fuels, however, the fuel cell bus is progressing. In addition, he stabbed the ride instead of carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and rub as exhaust gas only water vapor. The principle: the fuel cell produces electrical energy from hydrogen and air oxygen, which is then converted by electric motors in propulsion.

Two transducers and two stores

The fuel cell citaro is referred to by mercedes correctly as a hybrid vehicle, even if many of the term in accordance with a combination of combustion and electric motor are presented. According to un definition, however, hybrid vehicle is hurt for each with at least two energy converters and two energy storage facilities. As an energy converter, the fuel cells, the fuel cells and the electric motors, if they generate electricity when gazing (recuperation). As energy storage, a lithium-ion battery and hydrogen tanks are on board.

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