Microsoft analysis: more burnout signs, worse work-life balance

Microsoft analysis: More burnout signs, worse work-life balance

Microsoft has published an analysis to show changes in working life through the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has increased the number of burnout sensations, but also shown how about work paths against the disruption of the work. To mitigate stress symptoms, the group recommends meditations among other meditations. Germany stands out positively in an evaluation at first glance.

The data for the investigation has obtained the company from its in-house application microsoft teams for the period january to august. More than 6,000 people from eight countries (australia, brazil, germany, japan, india, singapore, great britain and the usa) were interviewed, the remote or continue to work in direct contact.

Burnouts and missing distance

Particularly significant differences had shown at the comments of burnouts. As a burnt, especially surveyed brazilians and brazilians have described – just under 45 percent of them gave this. In germany, this feeling has increased only 10 percent, while the extra work in teams was only small.

Microsoft analysis: More burnout signs, worse work-life balance

Microsoft tried to find together between the survey results and the data analysis

According to microsoft, there are many factors that fired a feeling of burnout; the fear of contacting the coronavirus is supposed to be one of the most important influences.

According to the surveys, for people in the home office resulted in a stress increase by the fact that privacy and work too much warranted and the contact to colleag: inside was missing. In people with work in direct contact, however, dominated the fear of being sufficiently enough and do not create the amount of work.

So people in australia microsoft teams used 45 percent more, at the same time formulated australians and australians still much less to be burned out. They were in the burnout midfield. In brazil – with the highest measured burnout value – the official infection numbers in the first year, on the other hand, were high than in australia, while only 21 percent worked via teams.

Dangers in the home office

For people who used microsoft teams, a working time shift with more tasks after 5 pm. Nearly 70 percent of respondents exchanged after the official work in working chats. Overall, team chats were used to 48 percent more and the virtual meetings increased by 55 percent.

Microsoft analysis: More burnout signs, worse work-life balance

The work that was denied teams has become significantly more

In order to better realize the work-life balance in the homeoffice, microsoft recommends on the basis of its survey and even an old study from 2017 to officially start and end the homeoffice. For this, the company (in the context of the ignite conference) in teams will import new features that at least virtually build the distance, which can normally bring a work route. In addition, virtual wizards and meditation function should "headspace" help.

In order to counteract the work in germany through more home office, labor minister hubertus sales plans a home office law, which wants to dedicate itself to workers’ protection.

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