Mitsubishi l200 magnum: the pickup macker

Mitsubishi l200 magnum: the pickup macker

Hattersheim, 15. May 2008 – magnum is not just the thriller that makes with preference in a ferrari 308 gts hawaii unsafe, but is also the name for a wine bottle with double content and a coal calibrous revolverart. Why mitsubishi calls the new special model of the pick-ups l200 magnum, we do not know, but thanks to performance-protected diesel and all sorts of optical hot vault fits the name.

Limited edition in two body variants

The magnum builds on the l200 2.5 di-d intense with 136 hp heavy diesel. The always all-wheel-driven load soul is offered in two versions: as a "club cab" with a passenger cabin in 2 + 2 design and as a "double cabin" with a fun-seated cabin and additional rear goat. The engine performance of the 2.5-liter of large self-liter is raised in the magnum to 167 hp. As a result of the power cure, the version with funfgang manual transmission now offers a maximum torque of 402 newton meters. For the double cabin, alternatively, a four-speed automatic is available – here mitsubishi gives the same performance, but only 348 newton meter torque.

Sharp optics with better sound

From auben the l200 magnum is to be recognized by various optical modifications. Accounted in body color lacquered fecal airflow widths, outdoor mirror housing and turgain. There are also a pearl effect paint, dark gray 17-inch alloy wheels as well as chillery grill inserts made of polished stainless steel. Inside, among other things, a cargo pan, a tempomat, stainless steel door sills, sports pedals and a 420 watt strong "power sound system" with eight speakers are added. The entry-level model l200 magnum club cab is for 29.To have 990 euros, for the execution as a double cabin 31.To invest 990 euros. The price for the automatic version is 33.490 euros. The price advantage for the customer should be up to 1500 euros depending on the body variant.

In the consumption, the magnum then remains a civil: a standard consumption of 8.9 or 9.5 liters diesel in the automatic version is not little, but not as bad as the martial name leaves.

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