Mooncraft: nasa commission general motors and lockheed martin

Mooncraft: NASA commission General Motors and Lockheed Martin

The us companies general motors (gm) and lockheed martin are designed to develop a garred vehicle for fine missions for the nasa. As a result, astronauts on the fur 2024 planned mission artemis can explore the moon surface on further routes than ever before.

Previous moon vehicles of the united states could only be moved up to 7.6 km from the landing place. According to the message, art rover should be measured by the sudpol of the moon, where the challenge was smarter than on previous rovers. Also, it is cold and darker there.

Mondermen companies

The development of the lunar terrain vehicle should lead lockheed martin, which refers to more than 50-year cooperation with nasa. The room capsule orion for the planned moon missions should also be built by lockheed martin. The aviation and root company was also involved in marbles and other planetary missions and at the space shuttle program and at the international space station iss.

Gm is guided in the development of battery electrical drive systems, it is further in the message. Also should be installed in the ltv technique for autonomous driving, which gm develops. The automaker was also involved in the mondrover, the us astronauts drove in the summer of 1971 on the moon, the first one an apollo mission leading up, as well as to the lunar roving vehicle of the following emissions apollo 16 and 17. Since apollo 11 gm supplied the nasa aufbertriebungnavigation systems.

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