Munich security conference: usa vs. China

Munich security conference: usa vs. china

U.S. Earmark secretary mike pompeo: "the west is winning." / picture: securityconference.Org

Usa sets the mood against china. Mark esper is at a loss to explain a huawei alternative. China counters almost calmly

The second day of the munich security conference began with several statements. The tenor: the west must show unity if it does not want to lose out to china. China, on the other hand, seeks to strengthen ties with both europe and the u.S.

Nato secretary general jens stoltenberg made the start. In his speech, he invoked the transatlantic alliance that guaranteed freedom, democracy and the rule of law. This has brought unprecedented peace and prosperity. In times when people stand up for their right to freedom, nato must support them.

Nato is the "ultimate embodiment" of the west. Europe and america must stick together, protect and defend each other, in times of global competition for values and ways of living. The attacks of september eleventh had attacked the values of the west.

There is a new self-confidence in russia, which is increasing its influence in the world. Nato is therefore increasing the readiness level of troops, maintaining sanctions and discussing how to respond to russia’s alleged inf standoff. Regarding the rough manover defender europe 2020, stoltenberg said: "for the first time, we have troops ready for action in poland and the baltic countries. This is a clear message: nato is there."

China would soon be the world’s largest economy and have the world’s second-largest defense budget. China’s rise offers opportunities and challenges for the west if a common understanding of security and democracy is achieved, so that societies become open, free and resilient. Therefore, in the 5g debate about cooperation with huawei, europe should not focus on short-term economic benefits that bring long-term security problems.

It is not enough to call for a stronger europe, because a strong europe without a strong alliance with the usa would mean that europe would be in danger of being divided. Only together are both strong. Together they have half the world’s economic power and half the world’s military power. "If we stand together, we can confidently keep up, protect our interests and defend our values."

Stoltenberg did not comment on the u.S.’s unilateral efforts to impose sanctions on china, russia and iran in its own interest. Nor did he say a word about the illegal attack on soleimani. It remains questionable to what extent europe can stand behind its alliance partner in the face of the unpredictable trump administration.

Pompeo: "huawei is a trojan horse."

U.S. Secretary of state pompeo followed stoltenberg with a speech that mantra-like repeated that the west is victorious and seemingly eliminated any doubt that the world is in the deplorable mode of a "peace" "westlessness" he tried to exclude. Pompeo did not want to accept the fact that the usa, as criticized by steinmeier the day before, increasingly rejected the international community. It is not a fact, it has no basis in reality.

On the contrary, no country does as much for the international community as the u.S., pompeo says. Ukraine has been armed and the baltic countries have been strengthened against russia. It had just been decided to invest one billion dollars in eastern europe as part of the three seas initiative, "to protect free democracies". The u.S. Advocated increasing nato’s budget to 400 billion euros. Us dollar to increase.

More than 80 countries have been united in a coalition against international terrorism, and 59 countries have been united against the venezuelan regime, pompeo said. The us also secured the strait of hormuz and the south china sea. In sum: "the west wins, we win together."

"Free countries are simply more successful than anything in civilization to date. They demand human rights and prosperity," pompeo said. That’s why people took the hardships to come to europe. After all, people want to go to cambridge, not caracas, to silicon valley, not to st. Petersburg. Petersburg. He could not find westlessness anywhere. The reality is this: "the west wins, not only the geographical west, but the west as a model … Vietnam, athiopia, they want to become like us."

But, whether bolivia, venezuela, russia or china, who does not pay according to the usa to the west, must probably count on interferences and sanctions. Pompeo: "we respect the right to pursue our own affairs, we have respect for the sovereignty of other countries. We support independent nations, we respect the rule of law."

Some countries were said to harbor imperial desires, such as russia, which was pursuing more than just economic interests with nordstream 2. Also iran, which "attack saudi arabian oil factories with flying corpses", or "starting proxy wars in yemen", wants to expand. China is extending its influence to vietnam or indonesia, has border-related disputes with all its neighbors. In addition, china is a threat to cyber security: "huawei is a trojan horse."

China seize officials, both in china and in europe. These are attacks on the sovereignty, attacks on the freedom of the west. "We love the chinese people, but the communist party is a risk to the values of the west."

Um es mit china aufzunehmen, solle europa nicht den usa folgen, sondern ein starker partner sein. Pompeo concluded his appearance by saying: "give me an example from history where the weak and the meek have prevailed. The west will win. God bless you all, god bless the united states of america."

"Do you have an alternative to huawei?"

U.S. Defense secretary mark esper also subordinated his speech to a rhetorical mobilization against china. The competition between the major powers is about power competition with china, not so much with russia. Iran, north korea and international terrorism followed.

He said the west traded off when it admitted china to the wto twenty years ago. Contrary to expectations, the free-market opening did not lead to democratic reforms. Instead, he said, china has benefited from global trade while expanding its own technology and militarism. Unter xi jinping trete das land aggressiver auf, greife in die weltordnung ein. "China does not respect the sovereignty and freedom of other nations", said esper.

America is worried about beijing’s behavior in the economic sphere. After the end of the second world war, the u.S "money and blood" for "security and prosperity around the world" spent. China wants to undermine that and threatens strategic partnerships.

China’s economic rise is based on exploitation and theft, he said. Technological know-how is stolen and then spread on the world market. European and american companies suffered most from the crisis. "We will not be smuggled in. Maybe we can put china on the right track."

In the united states, technology is used to generate wealth and secure freedom, while in china it is used to control the people. America’s partners should refrain from cooperating with chinese technology companies. "Kritische systeme unserer partner durfen nicht zur gefahr werden." in the ensuing discussion, esper further cautioned against working with huawei, which is "intelligence problems" compromise both our own and nato’s capabilities. "Only in secure networks can we discuss operational plans."

Finally, estonia’s former president toomas ilvis esper asked a question that drew applause from the audience. Some had enough of fear mongering about huawei. Ilvis asked what 5g alternative the u.S. Government was proposing instead. Esper had to admit: "we still have no alternative. We deal with it. Developing our own 5g." huawei’s 5g technology is already in use at some military bases, "to see how far we are".

China: overcoming east-west ideology

Chinese minister wang yi devoted a large part of his speech to the coronavirus epidemic. "Die geschichte der zivilisation ist geschichte des kampfes gegen krankheiten", said wang, "we have full confidence to defeat this epidemic. The morning is coming and we see the light." the chinese nation has gone through many difficulties and problems in its history, which has created a national spirit of resilience and resistance. "China will emerge stronger from the epidemic."

China has received valuable moral and material support here. The country is not fighting alone. Wang paid up: countries such as south korea, russia, and belarus had flown urgently needed medical supplies to wuhan. Pakistan has sent many respirators. Cambodia’s president had visited beijing and expressed his support for china. Thailand’s prime minister sent video messages, sri lanka’s prime minister prayed for china with a thousand buddhists at the abhayaramaya temple in colombo.

Munchner sicherheitskonferenz: usa vs. China

Aubenminister wang yi and wolfgang ischinger. Image: securityconference.Org

Japanese groups had enclosed chinese poems with the medical supplies: "don’t be afraid that they are missing rustung, because you could wear mine too." americans had provided good, an indonesian policeman had sung the song "go wuhan!" sang, as did british schoolchildren a chinese song. The burj khalifa has been illuminated in red to show support for china. And also the fc bayern munchen sent grube. "Leaders and international organizations from 130 countries have sent messages to us", wang said. "The chinese nation is a thankful nation, we will remember every support. On behalf of the chinese government i would like to say thank you."

Regarding the security conference’s theme of "westlessness" wang appealed to the world community to leave behind the west-east divide. "We are one earth, one family, we share responsibility for a common future." rough countries had a special responsibility to advocate for an open world rather than create spheres of influence, to cooperate rather than provoke confrontation.

Wang also joined the americans’ courtship of europe: "especially at a time when the u.S. Is working unilaterally, china and europe should focus on common ground rather than differences." as common ground wang mentioned the efforts to demand multilateralism, to condemn unilateralism and protectionism, to shape international relations democratically instead of through power and threat politics.

Calling the accusations against huawei a "smear campaign" with well-known words, which are constantly repeated. All accusations are lies that are not based on facts. "An artificially created theme."

"But if we turn these themes around, and apply them to america, then they become facts", wang said in the subsequent discussion unusually sharp. "People in the superpower should not lose their common sense."

In conclusion, wang said it is important to seek dialogue and continue bilateral relations with the united states: "the world can only benefit from cooperation between the two countries. Then we can really make a difference. We could contribute to making the earth a better place."

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