New york photographer cornelia wilhelm: “i love everyone i photographed.”

Cornelia wilhelm, born in 1965 in lucerne, worked for her teaching to the photo labant as a photo assistant in new york. She lives and works today as an artist and photographer in forest in switzerland with her husband, the artist andre wilhelm. Dr. Thomas hafen met her for lakes.By to interview:

How did you get the idea of making a book from your pictures of coney island – almost 30 years after the photos have arisen?

Cornelia wilhelm: i wanted to bring the book forever, but life always came in between. Meanwhile, i find it really great that it took so long. So not just a photo book was created, but a time document.

At that time, in the 1980s, the pleasure parks on coney island were in the end ..

Wilhelm: yes, everything had come down, closed. Only the poor are still went. They could make a trip to coney island for a dollar from everywhere over the weekend. Everything is renovated today.

They were also static there – what has she fascinated on this run-down place?

Wilhelm: coney island is a stronghold if you liked people taking pictures. Especially at this time was great.

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