Not only in ellwangen seehofer implements what the afd demands

Not only in ellwangen does seehofer implement what the afd demands

Minister of the interior horst seehofer. Picture: german bundestag/achim melde

The greater danger for refugees and supporters of a solidary society today does not come from the afd, but from the federal ministry of the interior. A commentary

There is no need for afd in the government, even horst seehofer can do afd policy. He proved that last thursday, when he "politically fully backed the measures taken by baden-wurttemberg security authorities and police to the state’s initial reception facility in ellwangen in baden-wurttemberg: "these things must be pursued with all rigor and consistency." several refugees were arrested.

A man from togo, who was supposed to be deported to italy a few days ago, is also being held in custody pending deportation. Because in italy many refugees have to survive with little social support, many of them want to leave the country quickly.

The refugees with their protests prevented the deportation for the time being. Immediately, the media claimed that the refugees had violently resisted deportation. But if you read the ellwangen police press release on the incident carefully, what actually happened is much more undramatic in terms of the violence that was actually carried out.

The confrontation, which was perceived as extremely aggressive and violent, led to the police having to release the person who was already in police custody, also to avoid a massive escalation of the situation that was feared otherwise. By beating the two patrol cars with fists, one official vehicle had already been damaged at that time.

Police headquarters in aalen public relations work

The fakenews of the armed fugitives

So there is no talk of violence against police officers here, when asked by the taz, the police could not quantify the damage to the cars by the aggressive knocking and spoke generally of a "dent". Also the weapons that the fugitives allegedly possessed were not found during the search.

Even the cdu minister of the interior from baden-wurttemberg had spread the fake news about the refugees who want to prevent further deportation by force of arms, which was then also reported by various media outlets.

So once again, the so-called center is putting out the buzzwords that will make the afd and co. Then only have to pick up and radicalize. In ellwangen, this division of labor between the parties of the center and the afd worked well. Green prime minister kretschmann thanked the police for their efforts.

Seehofer explicitly addressed the law-abiding citizen, for whom it is a slap in the face when fugitives resist their deportation. Thus, the police action in ellwangen is directed against refugees who organize themselves and thus also hinder deportations, but also against the anti-racist initiatives and civil society initiatives for the right to stay, which support the resistance against deportations.

For them, the raid in ellwangen is a slap in the face, because they fight for a solidary society and do not make human rights dependent on the right passport.

The alleged bamf scandal of bremen

The campaign about an alleged bamf scandal in bremen is also a slap in the face. It is directed against the head of the bamf office and other employees, including an interpreter.

According to the accusation, they had unlawfully provided yazidi refugees in particular with opportunities to stay. In the beginning it was rumored that money was involved, but in the meantime it has become clear that the officials were too humanitarian for the german asylum authorities. Almost all the media and politicians of all stripes were outraged by the bamf management. Few took a critical look at the accusations. Uwe kalbe in neues deutschland comments on this:

Objection to rash and sweeping judgments in the case of the bremer "scandal" is rather sporadic in the general storm of disenchantment, but it is voiced by experts. Lawyers, for example, responded to the accusation that the bremen office had "proceedings snatched from other states", this was the custom and desire of the bamf at the time. Because of the overloads, agencies had assisted others by taking over their files. In those years, even an identification treatment that was allegedly missed in bremen was usually not carried out or was carried out late.

Uwe kalbe, new germany

In fact, the alleged bamf scandal serves the federal ministry of the interior to enforce a hard line in asylum policy. The bamf employees are an example of what happens when an authority is too humanitarian. The campaign is also a slap in the face against the yazidis who have received papers through the office. Now its trap is to be tested again and in the end it threatens to lose its protected status. They could lose it, although they got it correctly:

Most of all, the process harms the interests of the refugees themselves. Affected yezidis now allowed to tremble over continuation of their protected status. For while syrian yazidis continue to be threatened by persecution, the same is no longer true for those in iraq, according to. The recognition practice has been tightened in recent years. It is therefore possible that the bremen asylum decisions were justified on the merits, but that their reconsideration now leads to a worse protection status for the affected persons.

Uwe kalbe, new germany

The federal ministry of the interior is conducting a campaign against humanitarian bamf staff and the yazidis. This is the real bamf scandal.

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