Ok google, extend your digital wizard for developers!

OK Google, extend your digital wizard for developers!

Google has called for the voice global event some extensions for its digital assistant. Developers get a web-based ide for creating actions and an advanced software development kit (sdk). In addition, the google assistant can continue to listen to certain words and store content in the home graph.

Flap and action!

With the new actions builder actions can be developed on specific voice commands. The browser-based ide provides functions for creating expiration within the conversation with the google assistant. Developers can define their own ubergange (transitions) via the respective intentions (intents) for the course of the conversation with the digital assistant and determine the appropriate scenes (scenes).

OK Google, extend your digital wizard for developers!

The actions builder runs in the browser and provides functions for creating, testing and debugging functions for google assistant.

Previously, developers for web-based programming had to use the actions console together with the nlp processing dialog flow. The actions builder binds the nlp functions directly into the development process and offers functions for testing and debugging functions.

Developed on site

The actions sdk forms the basis for the actions builder. In the now updated variant, it can also be used with a local development environment. This does not only apply to the expiry and control of the actions, but also the nlp and the schemes for conversations can be defined on site. In addition, developer can import and export training data to improve the recognition qualitat.

Action sdk also has a command-line interface, which can be integrated with more or less arbitrary version management tools and the continuous integration. In addition to the new actions builder and the advanced actions sdk, google leads a new conversational model and a superparent runtime environment. Details can be found on google’s developer blog.

Dog cat mouse?

For the basic functions of the digital assistant, the internet drawer has also explored some innovations within the framework of the voice global. Thus, the home storage offers a function for storing the context of a conversation in the home graph, a database, which is mainly used to store the structure of a smart homes such as structures, rooms and advanced. With home storage, parameters for certain sessions can now be stored. As an example, the blog post to the voice global 2020 calls the caching of game for different users.

Also with a playful application, google has explored the continuous match mode, which should appear in the next few months. In this case, the microphone lesens continuously via a defined period of time after certain keywords. The company coogrgames has dafur "guess the drawing" an image rates was called, which works according to the concept of the television broadcast monday painter. The digital assistant hort everything with and responds to the right answer. Before opening the microphone, the google assistant points to the start of continuous match mode.

In addition, google has expanded the media api, which is now designed for more long sessions and allow pausing and continue beyond caused beyond.

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