Outlook 2017: of kittens, pixels and continuous sprinters

Zisch, brodel, steam: who wants to read in the coffee grounds, needs coffee. Nowadays, the germanic narrow lane barista brides itself a espresso. Then you learn in the bean course that the at least 20 seconds has to run through the screen carrier. Time to think. Not for olympus. During this time, the new om-d e-m1 mark ii makes 1200 recordings of whatever. Of course, only when the af is pausing and the electronic closure is activated. After just under a second endurance, she needs a break anyway. Will so much hectic a trend for 2017?

Probably not. Is somehow no alternative to illuminate his annual image production already in the first week of january and spend the rest of the year with the also the pictures. That the system cameras try to crack the speed records of the dslr, however, will already be a trend. This is likely to expand even faster than the objective range in the telephony. The intermediate pivot in the sports show on the agentfoot pan also ends up in 2017 with certainly again with nikon and canon.

Backlack forward: 6k frame images with 18 megapixel

Outlook 2017: of kittens, pixels and continuous sprinters

Speed races: mirrorless system cameras like the olympus om-d e-m1 mark ii also want to take the last bastion of the slr cameras. This image entstand with the om-d e-m1 mark ii in procapture mode with the m.Zuko digital ed 40-150mm 1: 2.8 per 100 mm, f / 2.8, 1/2000 s, iso 400, tripod

Actually, coffee sets had never been as easy as 2017. What comes, the manufacturers have already shown on the photokina. Was’ the earthquake in japan got a bit more early, we even had the view from the last time simply recounted. The panasonic gh5 will come and you will continue to move the boundaries of photo and video. 6k-photo is probably the more exciting option compared to the olympus continuous print. The espresso run then only results in 600 individual images with 18 megapixels each, but the camera does not take a break that fast. The qualitative restrictions continue to provide compression. And how compressed espresso tastes we know. Meanwhile, panasonic knows panasonic times for 2020.

Off in the middle: more medium format

Another photokina trend will also be completed in 2017: the medium format growth. The hasselblad x1d comes to the delivery and with the fuji gfx then finished the mirrorless in the heren spharen. If you take the pentax 645z, then the market then offers three systems, which are located with optics at least in four-digit price regions. Well, the sweden are again druber. No matter if there are no interest anyway, you can also spend your money. Probably mario draghi has already ordered an x1d. But the fuji has a unique selling point that could further emphasize the market. By the short support release (compared to the pentax) and the locked closure (compared to the hasselblad), a wide field is offered here to adapt old and new medium format lenses. Novoflex and metabones – please take over.

Fujifilm gfx 50s

Outlook 2017: of kittens, pixels and continuous sprinters

at first glance, the fujifilm gfx looks like a slightly chunky small picture dslr.

Just as after the market import for the mirror-free micro-four-thirds camera panasonic g1, long snakes of leica customers formed in front of the novoflex exhibition stands, which just wanted to show through to digitize their m-lenses affordable. Could now experience zeiss east and west a renaissance. Probably in the corporate archive in the corporate archive for the objective invoices for the contax 645 from the spatements 1990s (and a suitable bird type for naming). Hopefully rodenstock also dares the step so that the modern hypersharp digital calculations are no longer reserved for the much more expensive specialist cameras.

Why not 80 megapixels? The pixel

In view of the housing situation in the coarse dates, one asks, however, where all the masts are to come, with which one should look at the giant prints at 50 megapixels. The best wife of all the woman is not at all that soon a larfilat printer has to condemn in the living room. No matter, size matters: auber the bills that sony is exhibiting for the sensor delivery, nothing is actually opposed to an 80 megapixel full format chip. That no one needs nobody and become the associated lenses in an intolerable, please no argument here. Reason is completely inappropriate in the current world political situation.

Outlook 2017: of kittens, pixels and continuous sprinters

Bsi technology from sony

For the picture-style everyday life, in the price classes, it is much more important in the price classes, when sony releases its best full format bsi sensor for other camera manufacturers. Before contrast scope of 15 shades of the highest programmers of hdr software. Everyone else would be happy if in the backlight is finally drawing in the lights. Also in 2017, the sun seems again. Donald trump can do nothing. At least not short-term.

Yellow and red: innovations or austerity programs?

It was also pleased to be pleased with nikon – over the sun and new sensors – but ultimately, the yellow huge giant will take a new rough-format approach for a maiden-rich system in 2017, if you do not want to continue to rise from austerity program to austerity program. Although the change in the post-factory age, the change is easy to ignore, but here it is not about wahler, but about customers.

Meanwhile, canon has become awake in this sector. Since the reds by their own sensor production despite the revenue backrest still earn money in the photo sector, maybe the time to think about to offer innovative products again at some point. For the first canon has patented a lens with bayonet on both sides. That may have advantages in terms of retro delivery in the macro area, but maybe in japan still work on a lot of rough novelty: at a camera with a front and rear lens, the two lenses could simply take pictures of each other all the time and the photographer was finally overlapped.

Squares and babies

Outlook 2017: of kittens, pixels and continuous sprinters

Instant picture is not small: with the leica immediately there is such a camera even with red dot and in expensive.

Outlook 2017: of kittens, pixels and continuous sprinters

Whether this dog is the namesake of the leica instant lens, is not verbotgt – what he stops from instant picture cameras, either.

Innovative will be an instant camera with a square picture in 2017. Edwin land will focus on his cloud something. He has already invented that with the sx 70 before 45 years ago. But this boom will just go on, even if none still understands him. Maybe the format is also the golden compromise of camera and image grabs. Since leica has just introduced an instant picture camera, in the square now is just a hasselblad-instax.

Maybe leica has set another trend. The lens "immediately" was named after the dog of the developer. He had not to do so much on the fuji two-line, and do enough time to go to gassi. But the next lenses according to hector then miezi 1.4 / 50 or waldi 1.4 / 85? After the youngly presented summaron-m 1: 5.6 / 28 mm we do not know anyway which groundbreaking invoices are still to come. Fits still for retro trend. Since the vinyl sales in england have just ubought the download sales, it will probably continue with the analogue boom. Only a new small picture film camera is missing. Landlust goes photography. Only nobody should betray that what has to do with chemistry.

The kick in the net

So back to the future. And best with kickstarter. The colorful lomo instant picture cameras and flattering meyer-gorlitz-old-style lenses are online so successful in helping to help you always ask why you have not come on it yourself. Maybe because we have simply sued the effect of double-digit diaphragm figures for bokeh and marketing. This has a bit of the victory of the small gallic village about the romer, but there are also a lot of photo projects that fail in crowdfunding. Or thereafter? Whether now in 2017 ferrania in northern italy will finally bring his diafilm marketable after years, we really do not want to say that. Dafur our glass ball has too little megapixel. Maybe even the berlin airport is finished sooner. But the coffee is better in italy. No matter how many pictures per second.

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