Ingolstadt / berlin, 22. April 2015 – synthetic fuels from electricity, water and co2 can be one of the finals for a climate-neutral and ol-imports independent mobilitat. A pilot plant in dresden has now launched the production of so-called "e-diesel" from co2, water and energy from renewable sources. According to with initiator audi, this fuel is suitable for the admixture to fossil diesel fuel, but can also be used as the sole fuel.

With the first funf liters from this production, the federal minister for education and research, johanna wanka, has relatiently refueled its company car. "If we succeed in using co2 as a raw material, we make a decisive contribution to climate protection and resource efficiency and pave the way to a" green economy, "says wanka.

Ptl: electrical energy in flow fuel

The new plant demanded by the federal ministry is operated by the dresden energy technology company sunfire. It works according to the so-called "power to liquid" principle (ptl) and uses okostrom to produce a liquid energy carrier. As raw materials, it only requires water and carbon dioxide. Currently the co2 used comes from a biogas plant. For this purpose, it should be obtained additionally from the ambient air.

The production takes place step by step: first, high-temperature electrolysis splits the water heated to steam at more than 800 degrees celsius in hydrogen and oxygen. It can be operated dynamically and could thereby stabilize the power grids with okostromic tips. The hydrogen reacts with the prere and temperature with the co2. This creates a flux consisting of long chain hydrocarbon compounds, the so-called "blue crude".

The efficiency of the overall process from renewable stream to the liquid hydrocarbon is very high according to audi with about 70 percent. Blue crude can be refined as similar to fossiles rohol in a refinery process to diesel fuel. He is free of sulfur and aromatics and therefore burning very clean his high cetan number also makes him very corn.

Reiner mangold, head of sustainable product development at audi, sees in the artificial diesel fuel an important assessment to the electromobility. But not only that: "the use of co2 as a raw material is not just a chance for the automotive industry in germany, but can also be transferred to other industries and landers."Audi is already researching" power-to-gas "places a long time.

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