Richterbund for stock data retention against child abuse

Richterbund for stock data retention against child abuse

In the fight against child abuse, the deutsche judgebund (drb) has demanded the reintroduction of controversial data retention. "The rule of law is required to preglect children from violence and abuse", said drb federal supplies sven rebehn’s new osnabrucker zeitung (noz).

Legal new regulation

Although the government wants to make the investigative powers more efficient. "But it also needs a legally secure new regulation for the exposed traffic data retention. Without an applicable regulation on minimum storage deadlines, the evidence of sexualized violence against children is considerably difficult."

In the case of data retention, providers are legally obliged to secure the telephone and internet connection data of the users so that investigators can access later. Your use is currently exposed because decisions are subject to decisions among others of the european court of justice.

Prepare minimum storage

At the request of mecklenburg-vorpommern, the federal council should already ask the federal government of this friday, but already before the verdict the introduction of a "cancellation and european law conforms" minimum storage "prepare". The identification of persons on the internet in the fight against child abuse and right-wing extremist criminals failed too often at the reality, it is called according to noz in the decline.

The judge is excellent behind it: "the federal government should use its eu council prosident to advance the work on a european solution to react rapidly after the upcoming judgment of the european court of justice on the minimum store periods", said rebehn the noz. "Access to the data tracks igachers can help in cases of child pornography, uncovering tender networks faster and prevent continued abuse."

Already in mid-june, the minister of the interior of the confederation and streamlined for inventory data retention in the fight against child abuse. Above all, the topic has been argued for years with regard to privacy. The european court of justice decided in 2016 that a general and domestic storage of telephone and internet connection data with eu law is not compatible.

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