Room coat: concept car peugeot bb1

Room coat: concept car peugeot bb1

Frankfurt / main, 16. September 2009 – one has achieved peugeot in any case: in this design you have to look simply, because here seems to be a lot of messed up. The cuddly looks a bit like neighbor’s cheeky fiffi, who makes a smucker when seeing hasso. The 2.50 meter long study bb1 with electric drive and four seats is to illustrate peugeots ideas for a city mobile of the future, because you can set the audience quiet somewhat more closer lines.

Contrary to the direction of travel

Actually, at this city car, almost everything is against the stroke birthbase: for example, the entry and exit is done by contrary to the direction of travel. Access to the trunk is possible via a rear flap in transverse directions. Charging­volume is at least very variable – depending on how many occupants are on board: 160 liters of pack fit in fully occupied car, the driver is alone, up to 855 liters of storage space available.

E-motors integrated into the raders

The electric drive of the concept cars works with wheel engines on the rear axle – a common development with tire manufacturer michelin. They also worries that the interior is better usable than it is the case with a centrally arranged aggregate. The two battery packs for each electric motor are also installed under the seats so that they do not afford space and storage space. The performance of the e-drive amounts to a maximum of 15 kw (20 hp). With 7.5 kw per engine, according to peugeot, a for the vehicle weight and the city traffic optimum value should be achieved. From zero to 30 km / h the bb1 accelerates in 2.8 seconds. For another four seconds, it takes until the car has reached 60 kilometers. The lithium-ion batteries should allow a range of 120 kilometers. Surrender also helps a little a solar roof, which can provide partially electrical consumers in the vehicle to relieve the drive battery.

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