Russian internet tile yandex draws from turkey back

Russian internet tile Yandex draws from Turkey Back

The russian-dutch company yandex draws from turkey back. Reason should be a new digital law there, which comes into force this fall. A confirmation of yandex still stands out, turkish media report that the due to the due to istanbul is closed and the employees are released.

Yandex is considered russian answer to google. The company’s search engine has a market share of more than 60 percent in russia, writes the suddeutsche zeitung in a report on the rezug. In addition, yandex offers services such as email, cloud, translator and browser. Worldwide it is the funftgrobe search engine. In turkey, the market share is 12.8 percent, google is 84 percent clear marketplace. The search engine was even set as a standard in turkish firefox.

Duty to due

The fact that yandex is backed up from turkey, was allowed to lie to the new law by which the company is entitled to register with more than one million users in turkey, a dutch – including turkish state burger as a representative. This downright, burrowing critics, serves above all the control. Identities and user data must be made access to the turkish government. Social networks must provide contributions that are classified as untrue or insulting. In turkey’s accessory companies are liable, it threatens high fines and restrictions for the services.

The law for the control of social media has decided the turkical parliament this summer. The obligation to store user data, already exists, but could be bypassed, unless registered in turkey existence. Government members defend the stricter specifications thus to announce the fight, insults, insults and patents in social media. Something required both in europe than the us from many. However, tap data protection against such a procedure.

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