Montreal, 8. June 2015 – it was a demonstration of power: although ferrari, currently the first pursuer of the dominant mercedes team, had traveled to the formula 1 grand prix with a crude engine update, toto wolff’s squad set the pace at will. After problems in qualifying and a botched pit stop, sebastian vettel was able to move up to fifth place and thus limit the damage somewhat. But even with a better starting position, a maximum of third place would have been possible.

The promised attack by vettel’s ferrari team on the formula 1 domination of hamilton’s mercedes racing team has fizzled out for the time being in canada. "Even though ferrari is throwing everything in, we seem to be maintaining our lead," nico rosberg found almost in amazement after finishing second to secure the silver arrows’ fourth double win of the season. After the seventh race of the year, world championship leader hamilton and his perennial rival rosberg did not meet a ferrari driver on the podium for the first time. "That’s life," said vettel laconically. Despite his wild chase from 18th on the grid to fifth, the hessian continued to lose ground in the overall standings. "If you want to stay in the gap, you have to make more progress than them. It’s tough," explained vettel, whose teammate kimi raikkonen arrived in fourth place.

Monaco? Checked off!

Mercedes got double satisfaction from its superior triumph at circuit gilles villeneuve. Not only has the distance on ferrari grown again, but the criticism of the team after the tactics debacle in hamilton’s wasted victory in monte carlo has also fallen flat. "It was a perfect weekend and the monaco shock is over," rejoiced niki lauda, the factory team’s supervisory board chairman. Even hamilton, who was recently deeply affected by the unbelievable strategy error during the unnecessary pit stop at the furstentum, is at least concerned since his flawless performance in montreal. "Mercedes is giving me the chance to live my dream," the briton said after the 37th grand prix win of his career. Grand prix win of his career, which he dedicated to the late father of his race engineer.

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