Seeing the world from a terrorist’s point of view

Die cia will mit einem computerspiel "innovative" wege beschreiten

Im pentagon will man neue wege gehen, um kreativ und innovativ zu sein, zumal wenn es sich um beitrage fur den "war on terrorism" dreht. Aufsehen erregten die darpa-projekte des terrorism information awareness programms, denen nun der geldhahn – zumindest teilweise – abgereht wurde (kongress streicht gelder fur pentagon-uberwachungsprojekt). Among them was also a kind of boris simulation, where bets on future terrorist attacks were to be made (the pentagon is not allowed to organize bets on terrorist attacks). The cia, on the other hand, together with the army, is currently developing a computer game to teach the staff of the cia’s counter terrorist center (ctc) to lose their blinkers.

The computer game is being developed by the institute for creative technologies (ict), which was founded by the us army at the university of southern california and has been in operation since the end of 2000. The purpose of the institute for creative technologies is to produce the most realistic and immersive training simulations possible through collaboration between the military, computer scientists and experts from the gaming and film industries. Hollywood is supposed to be all about getting the story right and creating believable characters.

Seeing the world from a terrorist's point of view

There is also shooting in full combat warrior. Here you obviously see a muslim terrorist

Ict, for example, has developed simulations to train peacekeeping operations (e.G.B. The complication: "a tv cameraman arrives and starts filming. Any mistake the lieutenant makes could appear on the international news"), to train officers or to exercise operational commands for small teams on specific tasks. This simulation has also been launched under the name full spectrum warrior. The simulation, which is also mainly due to "realism and authenticity" unlike the successful game america’s army, this is not a baller game. It is, as richard lindheim, director of ict says, a strategy game for decision making: "you will never have a rifle. What you have to do is ie orders and recognize the consequences of these orders. This is its value." so you let others push.

The player, in the role of an officer, sends infantry teams of nine men into action, which then move out independently and act in a realistic scenario due to a high component of artificial intelligence. Unlike other games, targets must not only be destroyed or captured, but also secured. And you can see the mission again. It is about operations in cities of an eastern, naturally muslim country called tazikhstan. The game was developed under now-dismissed army general eric shineski, and is apparently considered typical "politically correct", because it is not a shooter.

In this sense, the game being developed at ict for the counter terrorist center also seems to be politically correct. After the criticism of the boris simulation, this project also attracted internal military criticism, as the washington times reports. It’s so laughable and absurd that it makes poindexter’s project look good by comparison, a military official told the times. For another, the game is just an expression of embarrassment because the intelligence agencies don’t know what to do and have been left hanging by the terrorists.

Seeing the world from a terrorist's point of view

There are also deaths in full combat warrior. Here, the player sees everything from the perspective of the u.S. Soldiers. I wonder if he will also carry out attacks in the cia game?


Cia spokesman mark mansfield, however, defends the game, which cost several million dollars to develop, saying that it is a valuable tool in the war on terror "innovative approach" represent. The simulation offers scenarios and players slip into the role of terrorist leaders, fundraisers or helpers, but also of cia employees, customs officers or cooperative or cooperative agents. Hostile neighbors. The players then had to think and act like the performer they chose. The goal, mansfield says, is for intelligence operatives to learn to, "looking at the world from the perspective of the terrorists we are hunting". However, they cannot learn more or different than the developers put into it, which almost certainly limits the value of such a simulation. The fact that the cia and other intelligence services are not in the best of health has not only been demonstrated by the 11.9., but also the lack of weapons of mass destruction in iraq.

Lindheim was fond of calling the immersive simulations developed in ict with the help of the entertainment industry not games (unless you launch them like full spectrum warrior). It be "learning aids", which is why "computer-based training aids" calls.

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