Munchen, 24. April 2015 – time for a viewing contact did not remain, but for the driver of a certainly not lobe of mid-rangeimousine, it was probably something frustrating when he had to spaces the train for these yellow small cars in much 200 km / h. Nevertheless, he does not have to gain himself, because having a mini cooper s face is truly no shame. Rather, hold on: who wants to pass him, should bring a lot.

Without hanger

With a highest speed of 235 km / h and a time of 6.8 seconds from zero to tempo 100 he goes to the interim adjusts. Vw polo gti and opel corsa opc are similarly fast, but the mini will find a touch of more agile. This is not due to its turbomotor, although the one makes his cause excellent. He speaks spontaneously and has a coarse "hanger" in no speed range. In the nefz, bmw promises 5.7 liters, we came to 8.4, and honestly still had air for lower values. For an additional payment of 280 euros, the characteristics of accelerator pedal and steering can be adjusted. In addition, the engine sound is spilled up two speakers.

To this design, the crisp to switch gears fits very well. Alternatively, two automatic transmissions are offered, we were definitely spending the money for other things from the long surcharge list. No bad investment are, for example, the adaptive steamer for 500 euros. For the mini, though he has become around 10 cm long with the youngest model change, shrugs his inmates with the normal vote properly. While that goes well for the general design of the car, but in everyday life, many a mini-pilot will have a slightly more compliant suspension.

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