Study: vw id. Roomzz concept

Study: vw id. Roomzz concept

Even before the vw id. Neo will roll the first series model to the dealers from the beginning of 2020, the group is once again indicating how wide the range of conceivable models based on the modular electronics kit (meb) could be. The vw id. Roomzz concept should have a good chance of implementation, because the trend towards the suv is unbroken globally. The demand in the usa for models with more than five seats – which are very expansive by european standards – is huge.

As rough as a touareg

The 4.92 meter long roomzz is the sixth model of the id after neo, crozz, buzz, vizzion and buggy. Family that was allowed to become a reality from 2021/2022. With its rounded shapes, it presents itself as a mixture of suv and station wagon with plenty of space for up to seven people on three rows of seats. Vw chief designer klaus bischoff: “the id. Roomz shows how we envision the electric full-size suv of the future.“the dimensions are similar to the vw touareg presented in 2018, which is to get a plug-in hybrid this year. This is more important for global sales than the v8 tdi, which will be available from may 2019.

The shanghai study is powered by electric motors on the front and rear axles with 225 kw. The top speed is electronically limited to 180 km / h, which is understandable globally, because it only plays a role in germany. The front electric motor offers 75 kw, the rear 150 kw. As standard, only the rear axle is driven, the front wheels are only engaged when required. The lithium-ion battery pack built into the underbody, with a capacity of 82 kwh, should guarantee ranges of up to 450 kilometers.

Level 4

The roomzz should be able to drive autonomously at level four. This means that the car can handle all situations on its own in a specified application. This is currently still a long way off in production cars. The computing power required for this would probably noticeably reduce the range. In the study, the semi-autonomous mode is activated when the driver presses the volkswagen logo on the steering wheel for five seconds. The steering wheel then goes into a rest position.

Remainder of apple juice

The two front seats can be rotated 25 degrees inwards and become a mobile lounge with the rear seats. When the doors are opened, the front seats move 20 degrees outwards to make getting in and out easier. If you want to relax alone, move the armchair into a reclining position and rest during the journey. The soberly designed dashboard is dominated by the retractable steering wheel and two screens (5.8 and 13.8 inches) that can be used to control all important functions. There is also a head-up display with augmented reality function for the driver. The seats are covered with an artificial leather cover that contains residues from the production of apple juice.

The “intelligent rear window”, into which a light blind has been integrated that acts as a third brake light, appears hardly less bizarre. When you brake lightly, only part of the blind rolls up from the bottom up. If the car is heavily delayed, the brake light becomes larger over the entire area of the rear window. The warning effect is increased many times over by the dynamic light, ares vw in the accompanying letter. Similar to the topic of “level 4 autonomous driving”, it can be amed that this is an eye-catcher for the trade fair model – and will remain so.

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