Test of the “working definition of anti-semitism”. Result: poor

Test the'arbeitsdefinition antisemitismus'. Ergebnis: mangelhaft

The international holocaust remembrance alliance’s (ihra) foundational paper is simply an intellectual – and therefore moral – imposition

Since 2005, the discourse on anti-semitism has been dominated by the so-called "brave new stoned world" "working definition of anti-semitism" around. After its adoption by the conference of the ihra (international holocaust remembrance alliance) in 2016, this definition proposal became virtually the business basis of the entire public anti-semitism debate in the 33 member states of this alliance, which includes almost all western states – and thus the most important conceptual instrument in the political struggle against any kind of "unjustified" criticism of israel’s current policy regarding palestine.

In germany, the anti-bds resolution passed by the bundestag on may 17. May 2019 as the most important stage victory in this struggle so far; in simple application of said working definition, the resolution blankly marks this movement as a "anti-semitic". This decision was understood by some anti-semitism officials and city councils as a seal of approval for their own political correctness and was accordingly emphatically buried. Even if some courts still see it somewhat differently, such as the lower saxony higher administrative court.

Now, however, something very strange has happened. After having worked with this working definition day in and day out for no less than 14 years, someone actually took the trouble – and gave said working definition a first closer look, and even made the result of this look public. See the following online publication of the rosa luxemburg foundation, 29. October 2019: expert opinion on the "working definition of anti-semitism" the international holocaust remembrance alliance. Author: peter ullrich.

Whoever wants to participate in the discourse on anti-semitism in the future will – if he still wants to be taken seriously – have to deal with this expert opinion. And this in more detail than is possible in this short first – and in part 1 also blob summing – statement. (my next summer seminar in the series "ethical interventions" at the institute of philosophy of the university of salzburg will be entirely devoted to this topic.)

Dringende empfehlung an die leser/innen (und die salzburger student/innen): drucken sie sich jetzt, ehe sie weiterlesen, unbedingt die s. 18 of this expert opinion, d.H. Part iv.A of its appendix

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