Us election: showdown in the rust belt

Us election: showdown in the rust belt

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In a tight race, final results are a long time coming

In the u.S. Presidential election, democrat joseph biden won the embattled state of arizona – but republican donald trump managed to hold on to the more populous texas, which his challenger also had hopes of winning. There, trump made gains compared to 2016, especially in the south, on the border with mexico. From the 1860s to the 1980s, texas was a democratic stronghold. Since then, the state has regularly gone to the republicans.

Democrats alienated florida latinos

Auber in arizona led biden in new mexico, colorado, minnesota, illinois and the uncontested states on the west coast and in the northeast. Trump also leads in georgia, north carolina and florida in the heartland, which is also uncontested. With over 90 percent of the vote counted in florida, even the new york times (not necessarily leaning toward the incumbent) gives him over a 95 percent chance of winning in this very populous and thus important battleground state because he leads by three points.

Dem politico-author marc caputo explained that a "leading democrat" with the demonstrations and riots following the death of george floyd and the demand to "defund the police", with whom biden and his vice presidential running mate kamala harris openly sympathized. The fact that che guevara pictures were shown at such demonstrations went down badly, especially with cuban exiles.

But it wasn’t just in florida, trump also did significantly better in some other states among hispanic voters than he did four years ago. Possibly also because the ie of securing the border with mexico was nowhere near as prominent as it was then.

Trump is already declaring himself the winner, pence is more cautious

Trump leads narrowly in several contested rust belt states, according to the count so far: in ohio, wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. For the president, however, that was enough to declare himself the winner of the election that night and warn he would take legal action if democrats there cast new ballots today "find" were. An allusion to the fact that absentee ballots in pennsylvania, for example, still pay even if they are received three days after the election date. Vice president mike pence, who took the floor after him, was much more restrained and said that they were not afraid of the threat of persecution "on the road to victory".

Joseph biden’s campaign spokesmen criticized the president’s clean sweep as "unprecedented" and "scandalous", but at the same time ared that they had already prepared themselves for a legal dispute.

Lindsay graham defends senate seat against record crowd

In the house of representatives, which was completely reelected yesterday, the democrats may have been able to hold on to their majority. But even that is not certain. According to the count so far, they have 180 seats there, while the republicans have 171. In 84 constituencies, the winner has not yet been determined.

Whether the democrats could overturn the previous republican majority in the senate is doubtful, because a whole series of republican seats there, for which they had hopes, were defended by incumbents. In south carolina, the party had poured $104.1 million into jamie harrison’s campaign – the largest sum ever poured into a senate seat campaign. Harrison still failed to take the seat from republican lindsey graham.

Joni ernst of iowa also managed to defend her seat against democratic challenger theresa greenfield. Only in arizona and colorado did democratic candidates succeed in changing representatives: in arizona, ex-astronaut mark kelly came in with more votes than john mccain’s successor martha mcsally, and in colorado, john hickenlooper, that state’s former governor, defeated the republican incumbent cory gardner. However, the republicans won back a senate seat in alabama. Perhaps the majority in the senate will not be decided until january, when a runoff election will be held in georgia to decide who will represent the state in the second chamber of the legislature.

As the interim disbursement reports came out, the chinese currency, the yuan, fell while the u.S. Dollar rose against it, the japanese yen, the british pound and the euro. The price of gold is also falling in line with.

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