Us president obama legalizes the “indefinite detention” of terror suspects

Once again, obama has shown himself to be soft on the military, signing the budget bill that undermines human rights

Us president barack obama was not a success when he signed the 2012 defense budget bill on saturday, even if he managed to make some corrections. Congress had introduced some additional legislation, most notably sanctions against iran’s central bank, which obama rejected, as well as the ability for the military to detain suspected terrorists and hold them for life without charge.

He said he had introduced the bill h. R. 1540 with "serious concerns" obama announced, in order to ensure the security of the country and its interests. Obama criticized republican lawmakers for trying to weaken the president’s ability to act in the fight against terrorism. He ared, however, that his administration would in no way authorize indefinite detention of u.S. Citizens in military prisons without charge or trial, but would interpret the law accordingly. In the end, obama claims that he prevented something worse, but that is not much of an achievement.

Declarations at the time of signing by the president allow the u.S. Government to bypass or not have to follow certain regulations. George w. Bush had made ample use of this, and so often enough had circumvented congress (the law is me). Apparently, the comments and restrictions released by obama are intended to ensure at least greater transparency.

Sec. 1021 (affirmation of authority of the armed forces of the united states to detain covered persons pursuant to the authorization for use of military force), under prere from the white house, no longer provides for u.S. Citizens or legal u.S. Residents to be held in military detention, but leaves open that they too can be held indefinitely until the end of the conflict. And the president can also prevent a suspected terrorist from being transferred to a military prison. But while obama ostensibly wants to protect the constitutional rights of u.S. Citizens, the construct introduced by bush of the "enemy combatant" the aclu continues that for suspected foreign terrorists, indefinite detention without charge and transfer to any or "legal court" or to any country, respectively. Admits any foreign authority. So one could continue to have friends tortured abroad.

The law also prohibits the white house from using funds to build or construct prisons in the u.S. For guantanamo detainees, or to bring them to the u.S., let alone release them there. Obama also criticizes these restrictions and generally wants to retain the ability to act flexibly, i.E. To continue to have suspected terrorists arrested by law enforcement authorities in the usa and brought before civilian courts.

The aclu is right to criticize obama for ultimately accepting indefinite detention without charge. Although he had expressed reservations to his government not to adopt certain possibilities of the law and to interpret them differently, this did not apply to subsequent governments. This law is particularly dangerous because it does not impose any time or geographical restrictions, so that the current president and future presidents can use the law at any time to kill people "to imprison militarily far from the battlefield". The aclu will release the "global" erlaubnis, menschen zu inhaftieren, bekampfen, die burgerrechtsorganisation hofft, dass das oberste gericht dem weibe haus und dem kongress hier einhalt gebieten wird.

Amnesty also complains that obama did not veto the law legalizing indefinite detention after all: "das gesetz legt eine enorme macht in die hande kunftiger prasidenten – und die einzige antwort, die der prasident dazu gibt, heibt: ‘vertraut mir’." together with more than 40 other human rights organizations, they are calling for the 11. Januar, dem 10. Anniversary of the foundation of guanatanamo, the "war of terror prison", organized a protest rally in front of the white house

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