What “wags” in baden-baden “tipple”

England’s players’ wives reportedly let it rip in baden-baden

Because their better halves have so far been rather lackluster in the world cup, england’s players’ wives and girlfriends have long been the talk of the british media. On monday, zdf also devoted large parts of its morning show to the "wives and girlfriends" (wags for short) of beckham and co.

The worst job at brenner’s park hotel is currently held by an employee who has to get dozens of british tabloids every morning from a newspaper store, the daily mirror reported in its monday edition. Customers of the special press service are said to be players’ wives and girlfriends of the english world cup team, eagerly awaiting "exclusive" reports and "secret" photos of their stay in baden-baden.

What'wags' in baden-baden 'picheln'

Whatever the 15 or so scandal-mongers in the otherwise rather tranquil spa town on the edge of the black forest get up to – it’s always worth a story to the english mass-circulation newspapers. On monday, for example, the daily mirror reported that coleen mcloughlin, the current companion of england’s young star wayne rooney, sent her girlfriend to liverpool for a day to stock up the wardrobe. Finally, the 20-year-old model has a reputation to lose – she’s considered the best-dressed of the "wives and girlfriends" currently on the market for 1.000 british pounds per woman per night (daily mirror) put the time-honored hotel in the spotlight of british tabloids.

Verbal punishment stob

While david beckham, frank lampard, michael owen and their colleagues have so far kept a low profile on the pitch at the world cup, their wives and girlfriends are apparently having a ball in baden-baden. For 2.000 pounds they tippled saturday night in a nightclub noble champagne brand veuve cliquot, in between there was also sambuca, whiskey and amaretto cocktails. The bill was meticulously noted down by no less than three reporters from the mirror. Before the last "wags" went to bed around four o’clock in the morning, a few local "storenfriede" were reprimanded. They actually wanted to persuade the drunken english women’s team that germany – and not england – would be world champions. According to the sun, frank lampard’s girlfriend elen rives turned the verbal punishment into "f*** off and leave us alone"!"England’s most successful scandal sheet rewarded this brilliant performance with a front-page story on monday.

When things get so hectic in baden-baden, the zdf morning show, which is always on the lookout for "colorful" world cup topics, didn’t want to miss out either. On monday moderator christian sievers announced himself several times live from the health resort city. Too bad victoria beckham, the superstar among the "wags," didn’t get in front of the camera and microphone, but the viewers learned more about how the british press colleagues work: "some of them have rented paragliders and are now hovering in the black forest sky to get an exclusive photo from a lofty height. Others are even rumored to be sneaking up through the sewers."

At least zdf’s sievers did not want to be exposed to such odors and left the same day with his team for stuttgart. On tuesday he reports from the parental bakery of national coach klinsmann.

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